Jan 9, 2011

Tutorial Day: Easy Clip Headdress

Recently I came across an adorable little bird in the market and couldn't help taking him home with me and spending a few days figuring out what to do with him. I eventually decided he would look absolutely perfect in my hair. This is how I made my little bird clip, and the design is really easy to modify for any sort of embellishment.

First gather your materials. You'll need felt to match your color scheme, 2 main decorations (I used the bird and a bow that I'd removed from one of my dresses) a charm, ribbon, filler decorations (I used flowers) an alligator clip, scissors and a hot glue gun. 

The first thing you need to do is cut two ovals from the felt. Make sure they are large enough to cover your clip but not much bigger than your decorations.  Then fold one oval in half long ways and cut two small slits in it.

Slide the clip though the felt and glue it down securely. Once it has cooled, glue the second piece down on the top of it to reinforce your base and cover the bit of metal showing on the top side. Make sure all the edges are securely connected. Trim if necessary. 

Add your first and second decorations where you want them. Make sure you glue them down very securely. If you're using a bow I'd suggest placing a dot of glue on the tips to hold them permanently in place so you never have to worry about wind making it shift.

To add the charm cut a short length of ribbon, thread it through the jump ring and glue the ends together, being very careful not to burn your fingers as I did. Then glue this to the space under your lowest decoration or under the base where the clip is.

The final step it to add your filler decorations. Make sure you cover the spaces from all angles as they will all show when your clip is worn.

Ta-da! My clip is perfect to wear with my Nightingale JSK!

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  1. Very, very cute. I really like how you coordinated the colors of your JSK with the bird. I can't wait to see the pics at the next Loli meet up!