Jan 10, 2011

Tea Time: Cacao Mint Black

I realize that tea isn't something all lolitas enjoy, though it is often seen as a must for a girl in such precious frills. It's fine not to be a fan; however, I have really begun to enjoy nice tea. About every month or so I allow myself a trip to Teavana in the mall with my empty canister and fill up with whatever strikes my fancy. Last month I had to break my one-canister rule after a Christmas meet-up when we ordered a mint chocolate tea, and I had to find something similar.
Cacao Mint Black is a full tea that tastes like Andes mints and hazelnuts. I am absolutely in love with this tea. It's already pretty sweet so it only needs a small amount of sugar, and is heaven with a splash of milk. If you are a fan of mint, tea and chocolate then I would recommend trying this tea.

This is the perfect tea for fancy parties during the holidays or for curling up in a frilly house dress and blankets with a plate of leftover holiday sweets on a snow day.

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