Jan 27, 2011

Pretty of the week: Comic Headband

In keeping with this week's theme I went in search of an accessory that would help to make an awesome comic inspired lolita coordinate. I stumbled upon this adorable blue and bubblegum headband on etsy. It's not all that frilly on it's own, not at all frilly, really. But I adore the idea of making a truly great sweet style, comic inspired coordinate. I could see this worked into something like that very easily. The colors are perfect and unexpected with the very traditional comic style sound effect.

If you want to get one, or to look at any of the other amazing head pieces that Janine Basil has made, head over to her esty shop. Not only does she have several different color combinations and text versions of the comic headband to match pretty much anything, but she has some amazing crowns and hats as well.

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