Jan 5, 2011

Somewhere in the sea of everyone, I want to be just me.

Welcome to my blog. I suppose this is where I should be making an introduction and telling you who I am, but in all honesty that seems just a little silly to me. I know my blog isn't going to have readers for the first post and I should very much hope that by the time people are reading this they've already figured out who I am.

This is my little corner of the web now and I aim to fill it with anything and everything that appeals to me with a special aim at other lolitas out there. But more than that I want to encourage everyone, myself included, to be who you are and love what you love.

So what will you find here? The typical dream dress posts, and a hand full of serious posts. But also a healthy sprinkling of things to try, book, movie and video game recommendations, fairy tale posts, craft tutorials and recipes. Along with just a few things that I like just because I like them.

So sit back and enjoy. Or at least I hope you do. You could always run away screaming if you like. Just take care nor to trip over your computer's power cord.

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