May 26, 2011

Pretty of the Week: Time for Bodyline

So I was asked about Bodyline - oddly enough both in real life and in a reader comment - over the week. You know what, there may be some things to be careful of on the site but I LOVE bodyline. Especially some of the designs they've been coming out with lately, they're just so adorable! Though please let's not mention the clock print that broke my heart by not fitting. Because that would be cruel.

This dress I've hear a lot of people crying copy on. But honestly I don't see that. Sure it's a variation on a theme, but a theme used in multiple other dresses. Personally I love the navy color way.
Ok, this is just pretty. And I adore the little bird cage in the print. This one isn't on my buy right away list, though. I'm not a fan of skirts in general and while I adore the print, I'd rather wait and see it it makes it to a JSK.

I'm not a fan of the giant bow, but it looks to be removable and the rest of the dress is truly lovely.

This is a really busy print. I both like it... and don't. But it has strawberries, which means it's hard for it to be bad. The pink version looks a bit better than the others simply because the similarities between red and pink give it the illusion of being a little simpler.

Still, I think this is a bit better as far as strawberry prints go. It looks like it's raining delicious treats!

I saved my favorite for last. This is a great print. And it isn't my soft spot for little brown teddy bears. I love the colors in this print, the purple especially. It seems a bit darker than normal lavender, which may make it a hard color to match in accessories. But you can always make your own bows - and it's the perfect print to wear with a teddy bear necklace!

I'm off to con tonight, and moving on Tuesday so Just Me Loli is taking a break until the 7th. But I'll be returning with more book reviews, challenge entries and a giveaway! So please check back in a week, stay safe and have fun!

30 Day Challenge - I Can't Live Without It!

Day 6: 10 things you can’t live without in lolita

1: POOF! Because what’s lolita without the poof.

2: Headbands with interchangeable bows. I have a couple pretty headbands that I slide different bows onto to match my outfit. It’s perfect for days when a full on head eating bow is too much but you really want to have a bow and it allows me to mix and match colors and such so it perfectly goes with my coordinate. Seriously, I wear these at least three out of every 5 days. (You can also invest in some blank alligator clips so you can use the same bows separately.)

 3: Comfy, cute shoes that make that perfect tip-tap sound. Though I got my first rocking horse shoes over the weekend and have decided I can live with the lack of a PERFECT tip-tap if I can trade it for such amazing shoes.

4:  Tights. Don’t get me wrong, I do like socks a lot, but tights are so much more elegant!

5:  Emergency chocolate. Lolita or not, you should always have emergency chocolate on hand at all times. It’s one of those things that might one day save your life. Or something.

6:  Confidence. It takes guts to wear something that stands out. Many times reactions are positive or curious, but there's always a chance that you could run into negative people that will try and make themselves feel better by making you feel worse. So confidence is a must for any lolita. Know that you look way better than those people do and that they're just jealous of your bravery.

7: A cute purse! A lot of lolita outfits are short on pockets and places to put things like keys and wallets and lip gloss. And a pretty pink DS. While I don't always need to take a book and the large bag it requires with me (What? I don't know what that means. Books are life!) I do need a place to put the smaller necessities. I'm fond of my strawberry bag, but also love vintage basket bags - which tend to carry just a bit more that most lolita purses.

8: Laces. Some people don't like them, but I literally have to have them unless I'm getting something custom sized. Besides, I always thought they looked rather pretty.

 9: Inspiration. Be it blogs, a comic, a movie or simply checking egl. Personally I love watching Kamikaze Girls at least once every other week. It just makes me smile and I love just looking at the pretty clothes on the screen. Deka Wanko as well. I admire her style and all the cute, unexpected ways she puts outfits together. Everyone needs something to look at and think 'wow I could do that!'

10: Fun! Because without it the whole thing would be a bit pointless. Lolita is fun, even when you're stuck at work or stressed or whatever. Looking down at what you have on and feeling beautiful is just fun!

May 24, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Wishes!

Day 5: Wish list!
This one is a bit difficult, too. I have many things I'd love to have but after the first 3 my wishlist is pretty fluid.

It always seems to elude me, either by being out of stock or hiding behind an unhelpful shopping service after being restocked until it is again out of stock. But this is my ultimate dream dress, never mind that it isn’t Brand.  And someday it will be mine. Someday.

My second Dream dress. I just think it’s precious and elegant and simple and just all around lovely. I'd love to put something together to bring out the tiny pink details in the print.

Nearly invisible rabbits in waistcoats, pale blue and pink. I don't think it needs too much of an explanation, really. It's sweet-ish, but so charming.

Apples and forest and fairy tales!

I really love this dress. The print is so busy, but the dress itself is simple and the colors work so well. And bunnies!

I love the pale on dark design of this one. And the print is so very pretty. But I think it's the ribbon around the middle that just brings it all together.

This is one of the most interesting prints I’ve seen, just because it seems like so much fun. I’ll soon be getting the replica, which is not quite as nice as getting the real thing, but I’ll still be able to enjoy it until I have the budjet and opportunity to own the real deal – it’s one that I think will be worth the investment.

In blue or pink. I’m not even sure why and it isn’t the style I normally go for, but I’m attracted to it never the less. I need this some day.

It’s bunnies! But it’s not overly sweet bunnies. I have a bunny weakness.

Colors and balloons!

Playing Catchup!

I had a rather busy weekend - little brother's graduation, friends staying for the ren faire, family in town, husband buying a new car, stealing husbands old car (renamed the T4RD15) and spending a day in bed popping zinc and vitamin c pills in the hopes that all of that wouldn't be canceled. And that's just the extra, not con and moving related things. I should probably look into getting a real time machine if this sort of thing keeps up.

But I'm not going to give up on the challenge! Therefor I dub today catch-up day!

Day 3: 10 things you hate

This entry took me a while to write. While there are a few things I dislike, coming up with a full 10 was difficult.

1: Drama! In my experience, this is unavoidable in any heavily internet-based community and a good many real life circles. But sometimes I have to wonder if some lolitas feed off of it. All the drama just makes me tired! Guys! Wearing lolita takes guts! And we all do it for the love of the fashion. So what is wrong with us as a group that we have so much hate? So somebody does something a little different? So you disagree an issues such as fur or whatever? Guys! You all have a serious love in common! You can at least recognize that and be kind rather than looking for a fight!

2: The never-ending, endless replica debate. Guys. Seriously. Fashion is built on the concept of replicas. All fashion. This is not a new concept. This is not something unique to lolita. Heck, it’s not even unique to the fashion market. I mean, there are how many thousands of YA vampire series now? If you want to be true and loyal to your Brand, good for you. Most people don’t have that kind of funding behind them, and there are only so many items from a certain print. If people are ok with the quality of replicas and especially if the original is beyond their reach, then nobody – seriously NOBODY AT ALL IN ANY WORLD EVER – has the right to rain on their parade.

3: Picture pressure. Now, every once in a while I’ll consent to a photo shoot. This is actually a very small once in a while that normally involves my husband behind the camera. But I tend to make serious derp faces at cameras. I can’t help it! But at every meet there will be a million and three pictures. Sometimes I’m ok with it. Mostly I’m inwardly cringing at the knowledge of the derpyness I’ll reflect in the photo. The worst part – I actually get upset at myself if I opt out of the pictures too! There is no winning!

4: Unavoidable assumptions. I’m pretty sure everyone can understand this without much explanation. The fashion is not connected to the things the name brings up in people’s minds but never will the two be separated in the thoughts of the majority. It’s a fact of life we must live with. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

5: Cost. Nothing more needs be said. Just cost.

6: Shoe sizes. And they are never exactly what they say. And even if you can find a review – how much smaller is small to size? Or larger to size? And very rarely can you find a place to try them on. It’s so very frustrating!

 Don't let the cuteness fool you! He is fuzzy death to tights! But so cute...

7: Kittens + lolita. There are fun dangling ribbons! And fabric that’s oh so nice to scratch up! I love kittens. I love lolita. But it’s very hard to love them at the same time!

8: Sick days. Loli cheers me up so much when I’m having a bad day. Not so much when I’m sick. It’s more comfy than jeans, but who wants to be decked out in frills and start feeling the beginnings of a stomach bug?

9: Jeans. After wearing loli daily, wearing jeans becomes a kind of uncomfortable torture. They just kind of hurt to wear now, meaning I’ll never be at all happy when required to be practical.  It’s just not fair!

10: Yellow. Why do so many things look so cute in yellow when I can’t?!

Day 4: Food you love

1: Strawberry anything/everything. Shortcake. Cupcakes. Salad. Ice cream. Covered in chocolate. In yogurt. Straight off the vine. Strawberries are my number one favorite food of all time. If I could live on strawberries and nothing else I would happily do so.

2: Tea. Ok, Strawberries and tea. I could happily live on these two things. I’m a huge fan of nearly every tea type. Black teas aren’t my favorite, but I’ve lately acquired a taste for them. I still prefer lighter teas. Rose and strawberry green tea is a favorite, as is any form of chai tea. Or mint tea. Or chocolate tea. I think you get the idea. (By the way, if you are ever in the Brentwood, TN area try the specialty tea/fruit juice at the Puffy Muffin as it’s rather amazing)

3: Macarons. I’m not kidding about these things. I once flew across the country just to try the macarons at a specific place. (In Vegas. I’m not kidding. And yes, they were worth the trip.)

4: Fishes! I love me some fish. Any kind, cooked any way (except fried. But I don’t typically like many fried things) or even not cooked at all. I’d say samon and swordfish are my favorites, but I love all fish.

5: Veggie pasta. And I don’t even care overly much what veggies are in it so long as it’s noodles, things from a garden and some sort of clear, light sauce. I’ve never ever had veggie pasta I didn’t enjoy. Bonus points for grilled chicken!

6: Cupcakes! They are cakes in a super adorable form!

7: Frozen, chocolate covered cheese cake on a stick. I just learned about this. Where has it been all my life?

8: Strawberry Hello Panda. My number one munching snack. They don’t make a mess, they’re bite sized and they come in perfectly sized containers. What more could you ask for in a snack? Oh. Yeah. And they’re delicious.

9: Chocolate. Because how could it not be on the list?

10: A tie between frozen yogurt (that tastes like yogurt, not the silly low fat ice cream stuff) and milk candy. I really couldn’t make up my mind.

May 23, 2011

Pretty of the Week: Many New Infanta Dresses (a bit delayed, sorry)

It's no secret that I am in love with Infanta. More than any other brand (or Brand) they pretty much consistently make dresses that seem to be just for me. Perfect for my style and shockingly not out of my budget for occasional purchases. Lately they've put out a ton of new dresses and I am seriously in love with just about all of them. Sadly, the timing was just AFTER I'd sent in my money for my massive summer wardrobe order. I managed to scrape up enough for a couple of the new dresses, but most of them will have to wait another two or three months - if my prayers are answered and they remain in stock.

I named it the blue poof and it is one of the two that I absolutely needed in my life. Especially with moving to such a tropical, beachy feeling area. It just looks like the perfect frothy cloud in the exact perfect shade of sky and powder blue. I'm pretty sure wearing this dress will feel like floating.

This one looks so very romantic! I almost managed to add this one, but alas, it will have to wait for me. On the bright side, I honestly can't decide which color I like best, so I'll at least have double the chance of it being in stock when I'm able to order it. It needs a simple rose hair clip and a lacy parasol to complete the perfect garden princess image.

I can only think of strawberry lemon-aid pie when I see this dress.  I may never own it - yellow and I don't play well together - but it's so refreshing I may have to someday give it a try anyways.

This is such a simple, innocent dress! It's not full of bows and ribbons and bold prints. The ruffles and tiny flowers are subtle and precious. This is a dress that will lend itself to a million different styles and always steal the show by not trying to.

I saved the best for last. I cannot get over how amazing this is. Not the most practical purchase at the start of summer, but the idea of missing this dress was too heartbreaking to consider. It's just... utterly gorgeous. There isn't even much I can say other than look at it. Just look. Bask in the glory that is this dress.

May 18, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Love!

Day 2 - 10 things you love in lolita

The elegance of it! It's just so charming and beautiful with all the intricate details and lace. The way things are just so. It's much harder to have a bad day when you're dressed in something so amazing.

The way it makes me feel and the way it can make other people smile. I always feel like I'm bubbling over with happiness when I'm out in my frills. And quite litterally it seems that the feeling is catching. I don't think I can walk past a little girl without her getting excited about the princess. And older women always find it so charming. It's not just the clothes that make me feel good - it's also making other people feel good.

Sweets! When you're dressed like this no one gives a second look to haw many sweets you eat. :P

The way it's encouraged me to learn things - everything from how to judge lace and fabrics to how to fix my hair just so to new crafts.

Embroidery. No it's not really strictly lolita, but lolita led me to it and it's now something I love.

Lolita friends! I've met so many amazing people through the fashion! They're all so much fun and I love getting to hang out with them, even if the opportunities come less frequently than I like. Each and every time I see them is extremely special.

Playing with my personal style. I have one type of look that I truly love, but at the same time there are days when I just want to have fun with what I'm wearing. Lolita really allows you to do what you want with it and to play with all of the different sub styles.

Strawberry shaped bags. I know, there are tons of different bags. But I adore my strawberry bag so very much!

Prints! I don't have many, simply due to cost, but I love all the different prints and embroidery patterns on the skirts and dresses.

Wish lists! I know most things on them will be a very long time in coming, but I love having goals and being able to daydream about having those things. Those dream dresses give me a reason to work hard and cheer me up when I'm having a hard day.

May 17, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Begin!

I came across an interesting challenge here and thought I would give it a try and take a break from the book reviews and pointing out outfits for a while. Let's see how long I can keep up!

Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble.

I'm in love with the idea of looking like a fairy tale princess, but in a more "frolicking in the flowers and finding enchanted places" way than an "all that's pink and glitters" way. I love any excuse to work roses and pearls to coordinates and I love textures.

Shoes are as much about the sound they make as I walk as the way they look and feel. I always loved the scene in 'A Little Princess' where she'd cleaned the floor and another girl walks over it, just because the click clacks were so dainty and precise. I always imagine that this is how a lady should sound when she walks.

I am in love with jumperskirts paired with vintage tops or cutsews. Skirts are alright for casual or fun looks, but they can't compare.

I've developed a passion for embroidery since starting to wear Lolita, and while I'm still very slow at it I like to think I'm at least moderately talented. My dream is to one day have many pieces that I've stitched tributes to things I love onto.

I loved the fashion long before I was able to wear it, rather due to cost, practicality or simply not being brave enough. I consider it as a mark of how far I've grown that I'm able to wear what I love now.

I'm currently being a guide to all things loli for a close friend of mine, and loving every second of it. I'm super excited about seeing her put on her first dress. She will look amazing in it!

Tea! Lately I've been trying even more types of teas than ever before, and I find that I'm loving teas I used to dislike back when I stuck to a favorite tea. I'm also thinking more about which ones fit the seasons. Right now I'm going between floral and fruity teas.

I'll soon have a HUGE bathroom counter separate from my husband's. Which means I'll have room to organize! And I can do it cutely! I raided Hobby Lobby for a hat box and some adorable trays and such and will soon have an adorable loli style vanity.

I once flew across the country specifically to eat macarons.

I have a stuffed tribble I got shortly after I started wearing Lolita. I normally dress him up each morning to match my coordinate.

His name is Trouble.

Flying Petticoats

I missed the pretty of the week post again in favor of an unexpected adventure. Which is a happier way of saying I was called on an unexpected business trip.

Now, normally I avoid wearing full lolita at the airport – figuring that there are places where calling special attention to yourself just isn’t wise. And I’d heard a few horror stories. But being told at you have 2 hours to drive home, pack and be at the airport for the next flight does have a tendency to drive those thoughts from my mind. Certainly I’d not have arrived in south Florida in tights, knit cutsew, velvet and corduroy if I’d had the time to think things through. And so I found myself staring down the security line by the time I realized things might get a little awkward.

What’s more, I was in such a hurry that I’d simply grabbed the outfits I’d prepared for the weekend since they were already picked out. Meaning I would be flying in my frills not once but twice.

Surprisingly, while I did get selected for a random bag check and wandy-thing waving on the first trip, I wasn’t harassed at all going through security.  In fact, I had a lot of appreciative comments from airport staff – shocking after the stories I’d heard!

The largest down side is that my favorite petticoat will never be the same again. While the blue monster was on the path to a well-deserved retirement already, it’s now quite completely dead.  I’m ever so slightly upset that it will be another month or so until I have the blue monster’s replacement – though I’m lucky I had already placed the order the week before the trip.

While I still wouldn’t recommend traveling in all your frilly glory, I’m pleased to say that it isn’t necessary to be afraid of doing so. I actively enjoyed the conversations and the curiosity – both made the time pass quite pleasantly as I rather enjoy talking about the fashion to people who are unfamiliar with it.

I do want to say before the end that I was in classic, and not overly accessorized even for that. So perhaps it would be quite a different story had I been in sweet or gothic style. And I would never recommend traveling in any sort of over the top outfit or with a nice petticoat.

May 10, 2011

Books for Lolitas: Uglies

For a while I've been going through fairy tale stories, a genre I enjoy more than just a little bit. But it isn't the only good one out there. Between this and a slightly insane scheduel right now I thought perhaps it would be a good time to look at them. So we'll be switching gears and going for different sorts of books for a while.

 Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies is an interesting read. It's an obvious message against things like plastic surgery and in general the over valuing of the physical over mental ability and personality. There are other commentaries in there, of course, but they aren't nearly so obvious. I don't normally read many books that wear their messages on their sleeve - or their title as the case may be. Not because I disapprove of books having messages. Indeed, it's hard to find a book without a message and if you manage it it won't be much of a book. Even Green Eggs and Ham has messages. It's the point of story telling. But I really do like pulling a personal meaning from the text myself rather than having it thrown at me.

But even with the moral of the story being a bit in your face, I have to say that this is a very deep and well developed story. The world is layered, going so far as to have a unique speech pattern (think Buffy verse teen-speak) and unique society structure. To top it off, each character has a unique way of looking at the world that enhances the reader's view of things and changes frequently depending on where they are in life.

The one thing that stuck out at me was the relationship between two of the main characters in the story: Tally and Shay. And, no, it wasn't any sort of romantic relationship. Though I have no doubt that the pairing exists in a fanverse somewhere. These two meet after Tally's best friend becomes a Pretty and Tally must wait until her birthday to join the world he's now a part of. Shay and Tally are at the same time best friends and arch enemies, and it never seems to be their choice as to which they are at any given time. I have to say I love this idea of individuals so intertwined that they can't help but be one or the other. And it's an interesting dynamic to watch unfold and far outshines the romances of the series.

The one fault I can find beyond the aggressive moral is the way the characters thought patterns change so drastically between one book and the next so that each book seems to revolve around an entirely different Tally. It's a part of the story and done intentionally, but I've known several people who were a bit disturbed by it. Perhaps that's the point, but none the less.It is an excellent series and I wouldn't see this as a reason to overlook it, but it's perhaps a fact to keep in mind.

May 9, 2011

Thoughts on ponies

I didn't make a pretty of the week post this time around. I've been dealing with ordering some things during my computer time. I'll have more on the taobaospree adventures once I have my items and can give everyone a full review. And while writing about one of the dresses I'm getting would be the easy out, I'd rather save it for the reviews and not repeat myself. So instead I thought I'd talk about ponies.

These ponies.

Especially lately, with the replica coming out and the re-release, I've been seeing and hearing a lot about this print. Now, sugary sweet pastels aren't my thing, but I do love seeing other girls decked out in all possible forms of Angelic Pretty glory. It's appealing. But as someone who was carded to buy a Disney movie even in normal clothing, I don't feel like the style is a match for me.

But saying that I really love looking at most sweet prints... I have to admit that I've just not been able to get into this one. What makes it even more confusing is that I absolutely adore the hair bow. But I figured it out - the lack of contrast in a print that seems like it should have contrast. The print seems like it's so much fun, but in all the pictures I see it kinda blends together into a pastel blur. It's a cute pastel blur, but it doesn't have the impact that makes up the wow factor for me. (Though oddly enough I love more subtle prints like Sugar Pansy because they don't seem like they need the contrast. And I think the sheep can get away with it by being sheep and unable to not be adorable.) But, I really dig this version:

You can see the ponies! They pop without looking washed out and the vertical stripe effect is really lovely against the bold blue. This I like. But the other versions? I still can't see it.

So what are some really popular prints that you just don't get? Or is there a really unpopular one that you just absolutely love?

May 4, 2011

Books for Lolitas: Everything by Tamora Pierce

Ok, I'll admit, I've not read EVERYTHING she's written. I'm only halfway through the protector of the small series and haven't yet picked up the Becca Cooper books or Melting Stones. However, I've read the rest and am working my way through rereading them and they certainly stand up to their memory, which not many books do.

There are two places to start  with Tamora Pierce books. The first is Tortall - home of Alanna. The main story here is a girl who wishes to be a knight in a world that doesn't allow it. She switches places with her brother and hides her identity to reach her goal. Other series in Tortall are those of Daine, a wild mage who speaks with animals, Kel, a girl who wants to follow in the footsteps of Alanna after it's decreed that girls can now become knights, and Alanna's daughter, who is a very different sort of person.

The second world is Emelan - a world filled with an abundance of mages. The stories of this world follow four young mages with very different powers and backgrounds. These are more stories of building friendship rather than ones of personal growth and triumph, though the second series sees the friends going on their own journeys.

There are too many books to go into detail for all of them - and I'm afraid I can't really pick a favorite to write a proper review. But these are certainly books to look into if you've never seen them. They are, mostly, fairly short books which makes one of the quartets the perfect thing to fill a free weekend.