May 17, 2011

Flying Petticoats

I missed the pretty of the week post again in favor of an unexpected adventure. Which is a happier way of saying I was called on an unexpected business trip.

Now, normally I avoid wearing full lolita at the airport – figuring that there are places where calling special attention to yourself just isn’t wise. And I’d heard a few horror stories. But being told at you have 2 hours to drive home, pack and be at the airport for the next flight does have a tendency to drive those thoughts from my mind. Certainly I’d not have arrived in south Florida in tights, knit cutsew, velvet and corduroy if I’d had the time to think things through. And so I found myself staring down the security line by the time I realized things might get a little awkward.

What’s more, I was in such a hurry that I’d simply grabbed the outfits I’d prepared for the weekend since they were already picked out. Meaning I would be flying in my frills not once but twice.

Surprisingly, while I did get selected for a random bag check and wandy-thing waving on the first trip, I wasn’t harassed at all going through security.  In fact, I had a lot of appreciative comments from airport staff – shocking after the stories I’d heard!

The largest down side is that my favorite petticoat will never be the same again. While the blue monster was on the path to a well-deserved retirement already, it’s now quite completely dead.  I’m ever so slightly upset that it will be another month or so until I have the blue monster’s replacement – though I’m lucky I had already placed the order the week before the trip.

While I still wouldn’t recommend traveling in all your frilly glory, I’m pleased to say that it isn’t necessary to be afraid of doing so. I actively enjoyed the conversations and the curiosity – both made the time pass quite pleasantly as I rather enjoy talking about the fashion to people who are unfamiliar with it.

I do want to say before the end that I was in classic, and not overly accessorized even for that. So perhaps it would be quite a different story had I been in sweet or gothic style. And I would never recommend traveling in any sort of over the top outfit or with a nice petticoat.


  1. i know how is to travel dressed up loli, since i go to the cons at the capital x.x. my petty dies before i arrive there... but i am glad to know people were kind to you :3

  2. where did you get the pink luggage?