May 26, 2011

Pretty of the Week: Time for Bodyline

So I was asked about Bodyline - oddly enough both in real life and in a reader comment - over the week. You know what, there may be some things to be careful of on the site but I LOVE bodyline. Especially some of the designs they've been coming out with lately, they're just so adorable! Though please let's not mention the clock print that broke my heart by not fitting. Because that would be cruel.

This dress I've hear a lot of people crying copy on. But honestly I don't see that. Sure it's a variation on a theme, but a theme used in multiple other dresses. Personally I love the navy color way.
Ok, this is just pretty. And I adore the little bird cage in the print. This one isn't on my buy right away list, though. I'm not a fan of skirts in general and while I adore the print, I'd rather wait and see it it makes it to a JSK.

I'm not a fan of the giant bow, but it looks to be removable and the rest of the dress is truly lovely.

This is a really busy print. I both like it... and don't. But it has strawberries, which means it's hard for it to be bad. The pink version looks a bit better than the others simply because the similarities between red and pink give it the illusion of being a little simpler.

Still, I think this is a bit better as far as strawberry prints go. It looks like it's raining delicious treats!

I saved my favorite for last. This is a great print. And it isn't my soft spot for little brown teddy bears. I love the colors in this print, the purple especially. It seems a bit darker than normal lavender, which may make it a hard color to match in accessories. But you can always make your own bows - and it's the perfect print to wear with a teddy bear necklace!

I'm off to con tonight, and moving on Tuesday so Just Me Loli is taking a break until the 7th. But I'll be returning with more book reviews, challenge entries and a giveaway! So please check back in a week, stay safe and have fun!

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