Jan 29, 2011

Inspiration: Wonder Woman


To be honest, I'm not entirely a fan of Wonder Woman as a lone character. She just doesn't work as well when she isn't playing off of others, in my opinion. But she's a great inspiration anyways.

I have to admit it took me a while to figure out just how to work her into a lolita blog. She isn't exactly a type that the typical lolita strives to be like. She's a fighter, isn't at all girly, and has a less-than-modest fashion sense compared to what we as lolitas see as proper. But believe it or not, she wasn't created to be eye candy for all the boys reading comics. She was created to be a "feminist role model whose mission was to bring the Amazon ideals of love, peace, and sexual equality to a world torn by the hatred of men." The whole idea behind her was to present a strong woman that girls could look to, but for her to be completely a woman.  Wonder Woman's creator once wrote:

"Not even girls want to be girls so long as our feminine archetype lacks force, strength, and power. Not wanting to be girls, they don't want to be tender, peace-loving as good women are. Women's strong qualities have become despised because of their weakness. The obvious remedy is to create a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman."

As lolitas, we have no issue with not wanting to be girls.  But there is something to be said for the idea of being stronger. Not necessarily in a physical sense, but in our thoughts about honor and honesty. We always point to the the princesses of Disney and to Sara Crewe as role models for lolita. But why not point to the princess of the Amazons as well? She may not attend tea parties, but she embodies the strength that women have. She is confident in herself, doesn't rely on others, never defines herself by the status of her her love life, inspires strength in her friends and knows she is fully capable of doing whatever needs to be done. I think it's important to combine the best of these strengths with the best that the world of frills has to offer.

Here are a few ways to add a little amazon to your inner princess:

1) Get some exercise. You don't need to go to a gym, but do something active. It's a great way to clear your head and it's good for your body as well. Even if all you do is pop in your headphones and take your puppy on a walk around the block, you'll feel better than if you just sat on the couch.

2) Try a bolder wardrobe. Wonder Woman is very well-known for her uniform, but it's not exactly something to consider working into everyday wear. Instead try for bold, powerful colors that will inspire you all during the day. 

3) Be honest. Wonder Woman's primary weapon is her magic truth lasso. In fact, her creator is also the man who created the polygraph. So strive to be honest with others.

4) Read up on some mythology. Wonder Woman is always calling on the ancient goddesses to give her strength and guidance. Her mythology isn't exactly accurate, but myths can always be fun.

5) Watch the DC Universe Wonder Woman movie. It's an interesting story with some great voice talent to back it up.

6) Help others. This is pretty simple. It's silly to think of a lone lolita defending the world from evil aliens and stopping natural disasters (though it would make a great story) but help out in smaller ways. Volunteer, clean up trash, or just do small considerate things like letting someone in front of you in line. Make the world more beautiful not only by your frills, but by adding one smile to it at a time.

Jan 27, 2011

Pretty of the week: Comic Headband

In keeping with this week's theme I went in search of an accessory that would help to make an awesome comic inspired lolita coordinate. I stumbled upon this adorable blue and bubblegum headband on etsy. It's not all that frilly on it's own, not at all frilly, really. But I adore the idea of making a truly great sweet style, comic inspired coordinate. I could see this worked into something like that very easily. The colors are perfect and unexpected with the very traditional comic style sound effect.

If you want to get one, or to look at any of the other amazing head pieces that Janine Basil has made, head over to her esty shop. Not only does she have several different color combinations and text versions of the comic headband to match pretty much anything, but she has some amazing crowns and hats as well.

Jan 26, 2011

Books for Lolitas: Runaways

What by Who: Runaways by Brian K. Vaughan
So I've decided to make this week a tribute to comics, something you don't really see mentioned a whole lot by lolitas. I've seen posts here and there about gaming or about manga, but that's really apples and oranges. If you've never picked up a comic I guess I can see why. The worlds of the better characters are huge, with histories that span millions of story lines and quite a few alternate dimensions and take backs. It's a confusing world to jump into simply because it tends to require a lot of back knowledge. But that doesn't mean it isn't an amazing media. 

For those that don't know much about comics I'll give you a few pointers before pointing you to the series I'm going to recommend very highly. Comics aren't all that much like manga really. There is a difference to the story telling, and to the characters. There are two main flavors of comics to choose from and a good deal of smaller ones you can pick up as well. But chances are if you hear a comic book name and recognize it without being a comic geek you're hearing about Marvel or DC. DC is a little more well known so far as known names go. This is where the epic heroes come from. Think of this as your go to place for modern mythology. Larger than life figures against impossible odds. The villains are ridiculously powerful, the heroes worthy of awe. These are stories all about spectacle and jaws dropping. And Batman brooding.

But as much as I adore some of the DC characters (a martian with a sweet tooth, yes) I have to say that if you're entering the world of comics for the first time you may want to explore Marvel first. This is where you want to go if you like your stories subtly woven in and driven by complex characters. If you like villains that may not exactly be villains all the time, heroes that make mistakes, and complex relationships then this is what you should be looking at.

A great comic to start out with is Runaways. It's part of the entirety of the Marvel universe, but separated from it. You won't need to know how many times Jean has died and come back and who is who's secret identity to understand the story. But if you do know those things then you'll have a few cameos to point out as well. The story is about a group of kids that aren't exactly friends but that find out their parents are super villains. The relationships are complicated. They don't start off as friends but have to learn to be family. With all the craziness that goes with being family. And also, they have to save the world from their parents.

It's not really a story about princesses or frills or fashion or fantasy. It's a story about growing up without giving up yourself in the process. It's a story about the ups and downs of friendships and the difficulty in doing the right thing. I think it's something a lot of people can relate to, and it's just an all around great story to read. The characters are varied, fully formed and act appropriately for their ages. They all have something different to bring to the table, from the brain to the fighter. It's a complex team that falls together and figures out how to deal with it. The kids start out attempting to mimic the superheroes of their world, but in the end they decide to just do what they do and leave the code names to others, which is a very interesting take. And Molly has cute hats.

I'd highly recommend reading though at least the first of the series, though those desiring visual candy should continue into Whedon's story line as well. Time travel makes for pretties.

This is pretty.

Jan 24, 2011

Wear Your Love on Your Sleeve

Everyone has things they love. Sometimes they're things that don't go together. Sometimes they're things you love almost in passing. Sometimes they're things that you may not want to admit.

Which is silly, because there's a reason you love it and isn't hiding that being rather selfish?

For a community that encourages people to dress how they want, we have a lot of rules and a lot of stereotypes. But isn't playing with the fashion and getting to show off things you love one of the most exciting things about lolita? Don't get me wrong, I'm as big a fan of sweets as the next girl. In fact, I'm pretty sure there are few others who can claim they flew across the country to try macarons. (Which was totally worth it, even if the remainder got a little crushed on the return flight.) But, really, is that the way all of us want to define ourselves in our wardrobe?

Currently I'm working on stitching my favorite story into a dress. Even as I work on it, however, it strikes me that there are so many more things I'd love to put into what I wear. I'm a huge fan of several video games that could be potentially adorable dresses. Sack boy embroidery anyone? Or little dancing pink furrets? And then I think further. Batman. It's the only logical conclusion, really. It would be possibly the greatest thing to ever exist. A gray JSK with a simple black insignia, a black capelet and a yellow bow clipped into my hair. It would be amazing.

Now I'll admit I've not read all the comics. Some. The black and white ones were amazing. But, let's face it, the last time I fell in love with comic books, Joss killed Kitty Pryde.

Thus died the cutest romance ever.

But pull out the Justice League dvd set? Oh I will marathon it for days. Repeatedly. And who does the Justice League call when they need help? Batman. Thus, it is my goal to own a batman themed dress before the year ends. A late resolution, if you will.
So if you were to play and to have one of the things you love made into a piece of lolita clothing, what would it be? What would it look like exactly? What's stopping you from having it? If the answer is that you aren't sure what people would think, don't let it stop you. You're already rocking your frills, so you might as well take that next step.

And someday I'll be able to figure out how to make a dress inspired by my real favorite JL character.

I can do something tasteful with this, right?

Jan 20, 2011

Pretty of the week: Rozen Maiden

Lately I've been noticing that I've been drawn to reds, a color I've never really thought much of before. It all started with a Bodyline dress and a red riding hood shirt I plan to turn into a cutsew. But now it seems I can't get enough of all the pretty red things. And this is a set that really takes the cake. The delicious red velvet cake with creamy icing and pretty rose decorations. And now I'm getting hungry.

The intricate detail in this dress, while a little over-the-top with all the ruffles and draping, actually comes off as subtle.And while it's a JSK and a blouse rather than an OP, it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. The embroidery, which I prefer much more than prints, is a work of art in silver and gold that truly makes this a dress for a princess.
This is one of those dresses that I will likely never have, but will look at often and smile. It's just so very elegant. I'm dreaming of royal balls and dances in rose gardens under starlight.

Jan 19, 2011

Books for Lolitas: Dragon's Keep

What by Who: Dragon's Keep by Janet Lee Carey

Everyone has something about themselves that, try as they might, they just don't like - be it weight, hair, a facial feature, chest size, knees or toes . I happen to hate my toes. No matter who you are or what you look like, there is always something about yourself that you will perceive as a flaw. It's a fact of life.

This is a book about a flaw that will put all worries of extra weight, frizzy hair and stubby toes in the 'why are you even thinking about that?' category. Because no matter how stubby your toes may be, at least you don't have a dragon claw where one of your fingers should be.

Rosalind is a very special princess. 600 years ago, Merlin himself made a prophecy that she would restore her family's honor, end wars and all in all do great things that would be remembered in awe for ages to come. But Rosalind has a terrible secret that would see her burned at the stake as a witch if anyone ever learned of it. Under her golden gloves she has a dragon's claw. This deformity has been a mark of shame, but is the very thing that will help her shape her great destiny.

Rosalind is an extremely relatable princess with an admirable work ethic and conviction. She powers the story rather than being carried by it - despite being literally carried away by dragons. More than that, she learns to accept what she sees as a flaw and finds usefulness in her physical fault. It's a very inspirational message for any reader, in frills or out.

Stubby toes let my feet fit into cute little shoes that are less likely to be sold out when it's time for them to go on sale.

It's also just a fun read for any day you feel you need a little adventure. You may want to grab a snack before you your crack it open, however. Once it got started I had a hard time putting it back down.

Jan 17, 2011

Tutorial Day: Teddy Bear Charms

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been a big fan of teddy bears. Brown bears, black bears, polar bears, panda bears, gray bears, mutated bears a shade of bubble gum pink that just doesn't happen in nature. I love them all. And in lolita I very much love the idea of wearing bears. They have a sweetness that invokes innocence and nostalgia but with their antique-ish charm can still have a mature air about them.

I'm not, however, a fan of bear charms. They just feel very cold to me. Nobody wants to hug a bear of metal. It's a killer robot bear. Just stay away from it.

This presented a problem when I wanted a bear necklace to compliment my christmas dress. Or it did until I wandered into the doll house section of my local craft store for tiny tea cups. They had the cutest little bears just the right size for jewelry making.

I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy.

To make your own teddy bear pendant you will need a needle, a miniature bear, matching or thin thread, a folded bail and sissors. You may also want some ribbon. My bear came with dark red ribbon, but since it matched Squishy's I wanted to change it. If you decide to switch the ribbon it's easiest to remove the old one first.

Thread your needle and then stick it directly under the seam at the top of your bear's head. If you space the entry and exit too far apart then the thread will be visible from the front anf make our pendant look a little sloppy.  Make sure to leave a long tail instead of knotting the thread near the end.

Now thread the bail front side first. them loop the thread the same way you stitched the first time. Pull both ends tight and repeat several times until the bail is secure.

Knot the threads several times at the back of your bear's heads.

Cut the thread close to your knot. Close enough that no strings are visible but not so close that the knot is cut.

Add the new ribbon and ta-da! Miss Squishy.

So cute!

Jan 16, 2011

Lovely Stitching

One thing that I love about lolita is that, beyond the bubbly feeling of bouncing around in frills, it has encouraged me to learn new crafts. I've learned to make bows, whip cream rings and tiny felt top hats, how to use pins to decorate and make things like hats and scarves match, how to curl my hair just right and many other little things. But by far my favorite lolita-inspired craft is embroidery.

Originally I picked up the skill through an online tutorial in an attempt to decorate a very plain cutsew. From there I've been more or less hooked on drawing with a needle. Luckily it's a good deal cheaper than any of my other crafting hobbies and is an amazing way to feel productive and relax at the same time. There are so many different things you can make, even if you know only a handful of stitches. Take a simple split stitch, back stitch and silk stitch and you can make a vine that changes thickness as it branches off. Add a few stitches with ribbon and suddenly it's covered in flowers. And the possibilities are endless. You want a dress with an ice cream? A hot air balloon? A bird? A key? Anything you can imagine you can stitch onto anything you want. Then there's applique, which is pretty much the same thing but adding in shapes of fabric to fill in larger areas.

If you want to personalize your wardrobe, learning a little embroidery and purchasing a couple of solid colored pieces is a great way to do it. I highly recommend searching through Taobao for some excellent solid dresses at prices that won't make you feel guilty for editing them. Embroidery has a more permanent feel than paint and is more elegant. I always loved the texture of the threads even before I learned to do it myself.

The first dress I embroidered. I wanted something that could be sweet and steampunk and I love antique keys.

Getting started is easy. You can learn basics over YouTube or through multiple other websites, though I prefer books for easy reference. You'll need fabric to work on (I recommend picking up a pack of quilting squares to learn the stitches are), a hoop, embroidery thread, and special needles. None of these are expensive items and can all be purchased at most craft stores. Pick your favorite style of tutorial and have it on hand as you practice. If you decide to go the way of books, I'd try looking for Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray, as it has very nice and easy-to-follow instructions for many different stitches. 

As you start learning stitches, try to pick projects that incorporate the new ones one-by-one until you're comfortable with them. I wouldn't try to decorate anything you plan on wearing until you can do every stitch needed without consulting your guide. Once you're confident about your thread embroidery, try learning to add in ribbon.

Some other tips for making embroidery enjoyable:

1) Have a drink of your choice on hand. Having a cup of tea, hot chocolate or even a glass of wine, if you are so inclined, on a nearby table will make it seem much more enjoyable, especially during the occasionally frustrating time while you're still learning. This is also a great tip if, like me, you are prone to working for long periods of time. Just make sure it's not within easy spilling range.

2) Always put your needles away and wind your extra thread. This is especially important if you'll be unable to pick up your project for more than a few hours, or if you live with a roommate, partner or pet. Lost needles and tangled threads are never fun to deal with, especially when needles are later found by bare feet.

3) Put on a soundtrack. This can be anything. A movie you know well enough that you won't be looking up every few seconds, a favorite CD or even a friend that doesn't mind half your attention on crafting while you talk.

4) Turn off your phone. Sometimes being interrupted when you get into a groove can throw you off for the rest of the day. Besides, taking a little bit of each day for yourself is a good practice that will keep your stress level way down.

5) Pick designs and projects that you love. If you work on something that excites you, you are much more likely to finish it. So pick projects that make you happy.

Jan 14, 2011

Inspiration: The Last Unicorn

The unicorn lived in a lilac wood, and she lived all alone. She was very old, though she did not knew it, and she was no longer the careless color of sea foam, but rather the color of snow falling on a moonlit night. But her eyes were still clear and unwearied, and she still moved like a shadow on the sea. 

There are books that I read and enjoy and recommend left and right and then there are books that are ingrained in my subconscious and stories that have touched me so deeply that it very very rarely occurs to me to spread the word, because how can something so wonderful and so important not be known to everyone. I can count these on one hand, so long as the quartets and trilogies count only once. The Lord of the Rings, The Lioness Quartet, The Circle of Magic and The Last Unicorn. Each of these has taught me something and has influenced me and changed the way I think. Lord of the Rings taught me to love the written word, the fantasy epic and lyrical poetry. The Lioness Quartet inspired me to be myself without apology and the Circle of Magic drove me to seek out friends. The Last Unicorn, on the other hand, is a bit difficult to describe. 

I saw the movie long before I found the book, indeed it was years before I even knew of such a book. As much as I adore the movie, it is the book that is closest to my heart. It inspired my love of writing and sparked in me a love of bittersweet endings. Which, as the idea grew in me, became an optimism that affects my real life every day.

Recently I began a project to embroider this story that has meant so much to me onto a dress. Though I am months away from completing it, I felt as though I should go ahead and share my love for this with everyone.
The start of my own lilac wood.

Ways you can celebrate your inner unicorn:

1) Decorate with butterflies. It was a butterfly which gave the unicorn hope and a destination in her travels. Though his part was small, he is often one of the most recognized characters of the story.

2) Try a floral tea. One of the lines that always stuck with me is when the unicorn takes a last breath of the air of her home and 'held it in her mouth like a flower'. I remember this line every time I drink tea with a heavy floral flavor. You can try jasmine or rose, or any other that strikes your fancy.

3) Go on a journey seeking something. It could be anything from a certain type of lamp, a certain book, a food you've been craving but aren't sure where to get, or even a new friend. Go out and look for something.

4) Move like the unicorn. Certain people (me) will never manage grace. But even if you are horribly clumsy you can still do things like skipping. You'll be surprised at how much your mood can lift just by moving like it's a sort of game or a dance.

5) Sing a song. In the book, the characters are often singing or recalling songs. So try singing a song from memory, even if it's a simple song from your childhood.

6) Look for good things even when you are sad. No sorrow shall live in me so long as that joy.

Jan 13, 2011

Pretty of the week: Romantic Garden - my dream dress

Infanta is probably hands down my favorite place from which to order. I own several JSKs and blouses from them, as well as a pair of their frilly shorts which I love wearing around the house. They have all been amazing quality and a perfect fit, as well as exactly my style. But this is my dream dress. Honestly, I could put this toe to toe with any Baby dress and, even if I were offered it at the same price, I would want this more. I love it that much.

I'm not sure if it's the vertical-but-not-perfectly-so stripes edged with tiny flowers or the teeny pompoms on the lace, but I find this dress completely irresistible. I want this so very very badly. I have the money for it, even. Unfortunately, my dream dress is sold out, off to homes with others who I can only hope love it as much as I.

Not that I have given up. No. I still have daydreams of strolling through the zoo in spring, twirling my parasol and showing off my gorgeous dream dress.

Jan 12, 2011

Books for Lolitas: Goose Girl

What by Who: Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

Let it be known right now that I have a minor obsession with well written fairy tale retellings. I grew up reading the original Grimm tales and other such, so I'm always overjoyed to find one of my favorites remade into something shiny and new. That said, this is nothing at all like the goose girl story I knew.

Did you know that there are two different stories by the name of Goose Girl? And that they have absolutely nothing in common other than having a princesses tend geese?

Princess Anidori-Kiladra Talianna Isilee of Kildenree has a hard time trying to live up to her mother, especially since her gift of speaking with birds and other animals is an unwelcome family secret. The day her father dies, her heart is broken by her mother's announcement that she is being sent away to marry an unknown prince while her younger brother is granted the throne in her place. Rallying her courage she is determined to prove that she can be strong, only to find betrayal on the road to her new home. She must now enter the unknown kingdom of Bayern in disguise and use all her talents to reveal the impostor for who she truly is.

This book is a wonderful adventure with a strong, resourceful princess and a sprinkling of romance. The story is sad, heartwarming and funny by turns. The characters are all well written and rather vibrant, especially the friends our princess comes to make in Bayern. I rather enjoyed coming to it the way I did and searching out the original story after. I certainly would recommend it as a weekend read.

Also, if you find you enjoy this book, it is the first in a series. Each of the books that follow star one of the friends made in the first. They are also books I would recommend, though they differ in tone and theme from the Goose Girl.

Jan 10, 2011

Tea Time: Cacao Mint Black

I realize that tea isn't something all lolitas enjoy, though it is often seen as a must for a girl in such precious frills. It's fine not to be a fan; however, I have really begun to enjoy nice tea. About every month or so I allow myself a trip to Teavana in the mall with my empty canister and fill up with whatever strikes my fancy. Last month I had to break my one-canister rule after a Christmas meet-up when we ordered a mint chocolate tea, and I had to find something similar.
Cacao Mint Black is a full tea that tastes like Andes mints and hazelnuts. I am absolutely in love with this tea. It's already pretty sweet so it only needs a small amount of sugar, and is heaven with a splash of milk. If you are a fan of mint, tea and chocolate then I would recommend trying this tea.

This is the perfect tea for fancy parties during the holidays or for curling up in a frilly house dress and blankets with a plate of leftover holiday sweets on a snow day.

Jan 9, 2011

Tutorial Day: Easy Clip Headdress

Recently I came across an adorable little bird in the market and couldn't help taking him home with me and spending a few days figuring out what to do with him. I eventually decided he would look absolutely perfect in my hair. This is how I made my little bird clip, and the design is really easy to modify for any sort of embellishment.

First gather your materials. You'll need felt to match your color scheme, 2 main decorations (I used the bird and a bow that I'd removed from one of my dresses) a charm, ribbon, filler decorations (I used flowers) an alligator clip, scissors and a hot glue gun. 

The first thing you need to do is cut two ovals from the felt. Make sure they are large enough to cover your clip but not much bigger than your decorations.  Then fold one oval in half long ways and cut two small slits in it.

Slide the clip though the felt and glue it down securely. Once it has cooled, glue the second piece down on the top of it to reinforce your base and cover the bit of metal showing on the top side. Make sure all the edges are securely connected. Trim if necessary. 

Add your first and second decorations where you want them. Make sure you glue them down very securely. If you're using a bow I'd suggest placing a dot of glue on the tips to hold them permanently in place so you never have to worry about wind making it shift.

To add the charm cut a short length of ribbon, thread it through the jump ring and glue the ends together, being very careful not to burn your fingers as I did. Then glue this to the space under your lowest decoration or under the base where the clip is.

The final step it to add your filler decorations. Make sure you cover the spaces from all angles as they will all show when your clip is worn.

Ta-da! My clip is perfect to wear with my Nightingale JSK!

Jan 7, 2011

Inspiration: Edgar Degas

Last weekend I was pleasantly surprised with a date to the art museum to see their impressionist exhibit.  Among the rooms of beautiful paintings was one set aside for Degas, who is easily one of my favorite artists. His paintings are lovely, emotional and normally contain the unexpected.

Ideas for bringing a little Degas into your day:

1) Some of his favorite subjects  were dancers, often in simple, pale, fluffy dresses with colored sashes. Pair a dance print with an unexpected belt or sash. If you don’t have a print then pick a simple solid to dress up. This works very well with pale colors, creams and whites.  A great example is this dress from Candy Violet.
2) Try getting a pedicure. One of Degas’ paintings feature a young girl wrapped in a blanket having her feet prettified. It seems so very cozy and relaxing.

3) Swap the fancy shoes for comfortable flats and try doing something a little more real. Maybe it’s going to the farmers market and buying your food from the people that grew it or if you have the talent for it try growing something yourself. Or perhaps the act of going to school/work is enough for you. If that’s the case then try adding some beauty to your already everyday life.

4) Dance. Just dance

5. Make art from the everyday or the forgotten. If you can’t paint or draw then grab your camera or cell phone and take a walk around. Look for ordinary things that seem particularly pretty that you wouldn’t normally notice.

6) ) Stop schooling your expressions for a day. One of the things I love about Degas’ ballerina paintings is how often he shows them in postures you don’t expect to see. Sometimes they’re draped over a chair or sprawled on the floor in exhaustion. Take just one day and don’t worry about the way you sit, if your skirt is falling just so or if your smile is perfect. You’ll still be beautiful anyways.

Pretty of the week: Dance of the Black Cats

I'm not really all that into brands. They cost more than I can come up with on a good year and, since I've never had a Baby or AP dress, I don't really know what I'm missing to actually, you know, miss it. But there are a handful of prints and designs that come out that I just have to stop and stare at for a while before coming to terms with the contents of my wallet.

This is one of those. As if the fun sketchy sort of style of the design, the colors, the way it reminds me of one of my best friends, the little swirls and roses and the gorgeous off the shoulder poofs weren't enough, there are little paw prints on the piano keys. I'm not really even that much of a music person, but I've always thought that instruments have an elegant aesthetic and almost seem a little magical with their gleaming golds and silvers and creating music out of thin air. And paw prints! Paw prints are adorable.

I'm utterly in love with this dress. If I ever manage to win the lottery I'll be sure to wear it to see a Broadway musical or to a fancy concert. Perhaps to Phantom of the Opera.

Jan 5, 2011

Books for Lolitas: Purplicious

What by Who: Purplicious by Elizabeth Kann

The story revolves around a girl who loves pink, despite the fact that others tell her it is for babies. She goes through a little bit of self doubt before finding out that it's ok to love what you love, making a new friend and learning something new about her favorite color. The simple story is charming and sweet and the pictures are adorable and really capture the mood of the various scenes. Yes, the first book I review is a child's book, but it's a fantastic story that I'm pretty sure any lolita can relate to no matter what style they prefer. I highly recommend at least flipping through it the next time you find yourself in a book store.

Somewhere in the sea of everyone, I want to be just me.

Welcome to my blog. I suppose this is where I should be making an introduction and telling you who I am, but in all honesty that seems just a little silly to me. I know my blog isn't going to have readers for the first post and I should very much hope that by the time people are reading this they've already figured out who I am.

This is my little corner of the web now and I aim to fill it with anything and everything that appeals to me with a special aim at other lolitas out there. But more than that I want to encourage everyone, myself included, to be who you are and love what you love.

So what will you find here? The typical dream dress posts, and a hand full of serious posts. But also a healthy sprinkling of things to try, book, movie and video game recommendations, fairy tale posts, craft tutorials and recipes. Along with just a few things that I like just because I like them.

So sit back and enjoy. Or at least I hope you do. You could always run away screaming if you like. Just take care nor to trip over your computer's power cord.