Apr 19, 2012

Chess Story Dress Review

At the very start of the year I reserved a dress from Chess Story. I admit that I was a bit nervous doing so, while I know the quality of their bows is fairly high, I'd never seen any review on anything more complex. This morning I finally received my package.

I reserved the dress through Loli Loli Paradise on facebook. I'd never used that service before, but I was pleased. Despite the long wait for the dress, I was kept informed and any questions I had were answered fairly quickly. The dress arrived pretty swiftly after I was given a tracking number for it, and was well wrapped for protection. There was also a little extra cutie in the package when I opened it.

I love you too, tiny Rilakkuma.

The dress fits well, better than expected even, and it's well made. The material is soft and thick enough to feel nice but not so much that it will be too warm to wear. The print it beautiful.

While not as detailed as some brand prints, it's clear and I couldn't find any bleeding. The art itself is precious and I love that it manages to be so colorful without feeling overwhelming.

There's a slight stripe to the main part of the fabric, and I think it's an interesting effect. I also love the little crown along the top of the print and the little roses.

The same crown shows up as a charm on the bow up top. I like that the chain is removable. While it's a great detail, having the option to take it off means there are more options for coordinating. The bow itself is stitched on, however. Not that I think I would ever have removed it. The material on the bow has and interesting checker board pattern to it as well if you look closely. You can also see in this picture that the lace is rather nice, and it's very soft.

These buttons are the last thing I wanted to comment on. Because I love these buttons and I'm not even sure why. They're on both the waist ties and the shoulder straps (which are adjustable in the back) and they took me by surprise. I just adore them. The flash on my camera made them look black and white but in reality they are the same blue as the dress.

I'm more than pleased with this dress and it was certainly worth the wait. For anyone that's been looking for a lovely print without the brand price tag and doesn't want to buy/is unsure about the quality of replicas Chess Story may be a great option.