Jan 19, 2011

Books for Lolitas: Dragon's Keep

What by Who: Dragon's Keep by Janet Lee Carey

Everyone has something about themselves that, try as they might, they just don't like - be it weight, hair, a facial feature, chest size, knees or toes . I happen to hate my toes. No matter who you are or what you look like, there is always something about yourself that you will perceive as a flaw. It's a fact of life.

This is a book about a flaw that will put all worries of extra weight, frizzy hair and stubby toes in the 'why are you even thinking about that?' category. Because no matter how stubby your toes may be, at least you don't have a dragon claw where one of your fingers should be.

Rosalind is a very special princess. 600 years ago, Merlin himself made a prophecy that she would restore her family's honor, end wars and all in all do great things that would be remembered in awe for ages to come. But Rosalind has a terrible secret that would see her burned at the stake as a witch if anyone ever learned of it. Under her golden gloves she has a dragon's claw. This deformity has been a mark of shame, but is the very thing that will help her shape her great destiny.

Rosalind is an extremely relatable princess with an admirable work ethic and conviction. She powers the story rather than being carried by it - despite being literally carried away by dragons. More than that, she learns to accept what she sees as a flaw and finds usefulness in her physical fault. It's a very inspirational message for any reader, in frills or out.

Stubby toes let my feet fit into cute little shoes that are less likely to be sold out when it's time for them to go on sale.

It's also just a fun read for any day you feel you need a little adventure. You may want to grab a snack before you your crack it open, however. Once it got started I had a hard time putting it back down.

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