May 9, 2011

Thoughts on ponies

I didn't make a pretty of the week post this time around. I've been dealing with ordering some things during my computer time. I'll have more on the taobaospree adventures once I have my items and can give everyone a full review. And while writing about one of the dresses I'm getting would be the easy out, I'd rather save it for the reviews and not repeat myself. So instead I thought I'd talk about ponies.

These ponies.

Especially lately, with the replica coming out and the re-release, I've been seeing and hearing a lot about this print. Now, sugary sweet pastels aren't my thing, but I do love seeing other girls decked out in all possible forms of Angelic Pretty glory. It's appealing. But as someone who was carded to buy a Disney movie even in normal clothing, I don't feel like the style is a match for me.

But saying that I really love looking at most sweet prints... I have to admit that I've just not been able to get into this one. What makes it even more confusing is that I absolutely adore the hair bow. But I figured it out - the lack of contrast in a print that seems like it should have contrast. The print seems like it's so much fun, but in all the pictures I see it kinda blends together into a pastel blur. It's a cute pastel blur, but it doesn't have the impact that makes up the wow factor for me. (Though oddly enough I love more subtle prints like Sugar Pansy because they don't seem like they need the contrast. And I think the sheep can get away with it by being sheep and unable to not be adorable.) But, I really dig this version:

You can see the ponies! They pop without looking washed out and the vertical stripe effect is really lovely against the bold blue. This I like. But the other versions? I still can't see it.

So what are some really popular prints that you just don't get? Or is there a really unpopular one that you just absolutely love?

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