May 24, 2011

Playing Catchup!

I had a rather busy weekend - little brother's graduation, friends staying for the ren faire, family in town, husband buying a new car, stealing husbands old car (renamed the T4RD15) and spending a day in bed popping zinc and vitamin c pills in the hopes that all of that wouldn't be canceled. And that's just the extra, not con and moving related things. I should probably look into getting a real time machine if this sort of thing keeps up.

But I'm not going to give up on the challenge! Therefor I dub today catch-up day!

Day 3: 10 things you hate

This entry took me a while to write. While there are a few things I dislike, coming up with a full 10 was difficult.

1: Drama! In my experience, this is unavoidable in any heavily internet-based community and a good many real life circles. But sometimes I have to wonder if some lolitas feed off of it. All the drama just makes me tired! Guys! Wearing lolita takes guts! And we all do it for the love of the fashion. So what is wrong with us as a group that we have so much hate? So somebody does something a little different? So you disagree an issues such as fur or whatever? Guys! You all have a serious love in common! You can at least recognize that and be kind rather than looking for a fight!

2: The never-ending, endless replica debate. Guys. Seriously. Fashion is built on the concept of replicas. All fashion. This is not a new concept. This is not something unique to lolita. Heck, it’s not even unique to the fashion market. I mean, there are how many thousands of YA vampire series now? If you want to be true and loyal to your Brand, good for you. Most people don’t have that kind of funding behind them, and there are only so many items from a certain print. If people are ok with the quality of replicas and especially if the original is beyond their reach, then nobody – seriously NOBODY AT ALL IN ANY WORLD EVER – has the right to rain on their parade.

3: Picture pressure. Now, every once in a while I’ll consent to a photo shoot. This is actually a very small once in a while that normally involves my husband behind the camera. But I tend to make serious derp faces at cameras. I can’t help it! But at every meet there will be a million and three pictures. Sometimes I’m ok with it. Mostly I’m inwardly cringing at the knowledge of the derpyness I’ll reflect in the photo. The worst part – I actually get upset at myself if I opt out of the pictures too! There is no winning!

4: Unavoidable assumptions. I’m pretty sure everyone can understand this without much explanation. The fashion is not connected to the things the name brings up in people’s minds but never will the two be separated in the thoughts of the majority. It’s a fact of life we must live with. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

5: Cost. Nothing more needs be said. Just cost.

6: Shoe sizes. And they are never exactly what they say. And even if you can find a review – how much smaller is small to size? Or larger to size? And very rarely can you find a place to try them on. It’s so very frustrating!

 Don't let the cuteness fool you! He is fuzzy death to tights! But so cute...

7: Kittens + lolita. There are fun dangling ribbons! And fabric that’s oh so nice to scratch up! I love kittens. I love lolita. But it’s very hard to love them at the same time!

8: Sick days. Loli cheers me up so much when I’m having a bad day. Not so much when I’m sick. It’s more comfy than jeans, but who wants to be decked out in frills and start feeling the beginnings of a stomach bug?

9: Jeans. After wearing loli daily, wearing jeans becomes a kind of uncomfortable torture. They just kind of hurt to wear now, meaning I’ll never be at all happy when required to be practical.  It’s just not fair!

10: Yellow. Why do so many things look so cute in yellow when I can’t?!

Day 4: Food you love

1: Strawberry anything/everything. Shortcake. Cupcakes. Salad. Ice cream. Covered in chocolate. In yogurt. Straight off the vine. Strawberries are my number one favorite food of all time. If I could live on strawberries and nothing else I would happily do so.

2: Tea. Ok, Strawberries and tea. I could happily live on these two things. I’m a huge fan of nearly every tea type. Black teas aren’t my favorite, but I’ve lately acquired a taste for them. I still prefer lighter teas. Rose and strawberry green tea is a favorite, as is any form of chai tea. Or mint tea. Or chocolate tea. I think you get the idea. (By the way, if you are ever in the Brentwood, TN area try the specialty tea/fruit juice at the Puffy Muffin as it’s rather amazing)

3: Macarons. I’m not kidding about these things. I once flew across the country just to try the macarons at a specific place. (In Vegas. I’m not kidding. And yes, they were worth the trip.)

4: Fishes! I love me some fish. Any kind, cooked any way (except fried. But I don’t typically like many fried things) or even not cooked at all. I’d say samon and swordfish are my favorites, but I love all fish.

5: Veggie pasta. And I don’t even care overly much what veggies are in it so long as it’s noodles, things from a garden and some sort of clear, light sauce. I’ve never ever had veggie pasta I didn’t enjoy. Bonus points for grilled chicken!

6: Cupcakes! They are cakes in a super adorable form!

7: Frozen, chocolate covered cheese cake on a stick. I just learned about this. Where has it been all my life?

8: Strawberry Hello Panda. My number one munching snack. They don’t make a mess, they’re bite sized and they come in perfectly sized containers. What more could you ask for in a snack? Oh. Yeah. And they’re delicious.

9: Chocolate. Because how could it not be on the list?

10: A tie between frozen yogurt (that tastes like yogurt, not the silly low fat ice cream stuff) and milk candy. I really couldn’t make up my mind.

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