May 26, 2011

30 Day Challenge - I Can't Live Without It!

Day 6: 10 things you can’t live without in lolita

1: POOF! Because what’s lolita without the poof.

2: Headbands with interchangeable bows. I have a couple pretty headbands that I slide different bows onto to match my outfit. It’s perfect for days when a full on head eating bow is too much but you really want to have a bow and it allows me to mix and match colors and such so it perfectly goes with my coordinate. Seriously, I wear these at least three out of every 5 days. (You can also invest in some blank alligator clips so you can use the same bows separately.)

 3: Comfy, cute shoes that make that perfect tip-tap sound. Though I got my first rocking horse shoes over the weekend and have decided I can live with the lack of a PERFECT tip-tap if I can trade it for such amazing shoes.

4:  Tights. Don’t get me wrong, I do like socks a lot, but tights are so much more elegant!

5:  Emergency chocolate. Lolita or not, you should always have emergency chocolate on hand at all times. It’s one of those things that might one day save your life. Or something.

6:  Confidence. It takes guts to wear something that stands out. Many times reactions are positive or curious, but there's always a chance that you could run into negative people that will try and make themselves feel better by making you feel worse. So confidence is a must for any lolita. Know that you look way better than those people do and that they're just jealous of your bravery.

7: A cute purse! A lot of lolita outfits are short on pockets and places to put things like keys and wallets and lip gloss. And a pretty pink DS. While I don't always need to take a book and the large bag it requires with me (What? I don't know what that means. Books are life!) I do need a place to put the smaller necessities. I'm fond of my strawberry bag, but also love vintage basket bags - which tend to carry just a bit more that most lolita purses.

8: Laces. Some people don't like them, but I literally have to have them unless I'm getting something custom sized. Besides, I always thought they looked rather pretty.

 9: Inspiration. Be it blogs, a comic, a movie or simply checking egl. Personally I love watching Kamikaze Girls at least once every other week. It just makes me smile and I love just looking at the pretty clothes on the screen. Deka Wanko as well. I admire her style and all the cute, unexpected ways she puts outfits together. Everyone needs something to look at and think 'wow I could do that!'

10: Fun! Because without it the whole thing would be a bit pointless. Lolita is fun, even when you're stuck at work or stressed or whatever. Looking down at what you have on and feeling beautiful is just fun!

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  1. i loved the list! you are right, we must have confidence!