May 24, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Wishes!

Day 5: Wish list!
This one is a bit difficult, too. I have many things I'd love to have but after the first 3 my wishlist is pretty fluid.

It always seems to elude me, either by being out of stock or hiding behind an unhelpful shopping service after being restocked until it is again out of stock. But this is my ultimate dream dress, never mind that it isn’t Brand.  And someday it will be mine. Someday.

My second Dream dress. I just think it’s precious and elegant and simple and just all around lovely. I'd love to put something together to bring out the tiny pink details in the print.

Nearly invisible rabbits in waistcoats, pale blue and pink. I don't think it needs too much of an explanation, really. It's sweet-ish, but so charming.

Apples and forest and fairy tales!

I really love this dress. The print is so busy, but the dress itself is simple and the colors work so well. And bunnies!

I love the pale on dark design of this one. And the print is so very pretty. But I think it's the ribbon around the middle that just brings it all together.

This is one of the most interesting prints I’ve seen, just because it seems like so much fun. I’ll soon be getting the replica, which is not quite as nice as getting the real thing, but I’ll still be able to enjoy it until I have the budjet and opportunity to own the real deal – it’s one that I think will be worth the investment.

In blue or pink. I’m not even sure why and it isn’t the style I normally go for, but I’m attracted to it never the less. I need this some day.

It’s bunnies! But it’s not overly sweet bunnies. I have a bunny weakness.

Colors and balloons!


  1. I love the Midsummer Night's Dream print. I'm really drawn to several of your other choices too, even tho they're not my usual style. :D

  2. Oh all these dresses as so pretty!

    But on a nother note.
    Things with you are currently REALLY busy right now what with the move and all. I like the Meme you have going for the blog, but I wanted to make a suggestion for a book review.

    Its called THE IRON THORN and it is by Caitlin Kitteridge. It is YA but oh so good. Best part? Its a steam punk fiction set in the United States during the 1930/1950s. I couldnt' QUITE tell when. The main character rocks and the world building is muy excelente. Check it out sometime when you have the urge to lose yourself into steampunk awesomeness.

  3. Are you familiar with Bodyline?
    I have a friend that buys ALL her Loli stuff from there and has never had a complaint.
    I even have a pair of shoes from there! :)