Jun 16, 2011

Pretty of the Week: Fox Cherry

Instead of pointing out a single item, I thought I would instead point out a shop. Summer is the perfect time to add hats into your wardrobe. Fox Cherry is a fantastic place to find lovely hats and hair pieces, all of which are extraordinarily elegant.

This cute sailor themed hat is so detailed! There are a crystal and captain's wheel charm attached to the ends of the white ribbons, lace on the brim, pearls and detachable bows on the front. I ordered this to match a sailor dress I'm getting.

This one is a bit more classic, with ribbons and roses and a darker base. The lace adds a really striking contrast, too.

Their hair pieces are just as lovely, I love the pearl details and the little crystal drop.

This one I ordered for myself. The blue roses and ribbon and the lace details are so charming I couldn't resist!

They also have a selection of chokers, gloves and a few sets with brooches, headbands and necklaces, as well as other hair pins that are a bit simpler and many different types of hats. I love how elegant everything in the store is, even the simpler items have beautiful details. While I've not yet received my items, I can tell you they were very quick to arrive at the shopping service and that the prices are amazing. It's perfect if you simply must have the perfect finishing touch but don't want to leave your wallet empty.

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  1. these hats are so cute <3 i am dreaming lately with bonnets, they look amazing!