Jun 17, 2011

Day 9 – 10 things you will never do in lolita

Swimming – Obviously this isn’t smart with so much fabric. I already sink like a rock.

White water rafting – Not only for the reasons above and the possibility of ruining all the pretty clothes, but it would look rather tacky with the life vest.

Paintball – This is obvious.

Cleaning - Who want's cleaning smells clinging to their nice clothes? And maybe it's just me, but when I'm scrubbing the bathroom I kinda want to be in comfy, baggy pj pants.

 Oh look! Matt is so handsome! Aaaaw!

Get married – Don't get me wrong, I love formal loli. But getting married in it would require both a time machine and giving up the gorgeous super long dress I had, which I don't see happening.

  Although, There were teddy bears decorating the cake table...

Art – I ruined many clothes over years of art classes. By the end of it all I’d taken to wearing all black just so the charcoal stains wouldn’t be obvious. I always change into my old art class clothes when I want to work on something.

Rock climbing – Everyone could see up your skirts! I know bloomers prevent them seeing anything, but still.

Make chocolates – It’s so messy, even with an apron. It seems like it would be the perfect loli activity, but it's hard to clean out and Murphy's law means it will get exactly where the apron isn't.

Sleep – The petticoats are far too lumpy and it leads to so much ironing. I mean, ok, I'v nodded off in the car in loli on trips, but actually laying down on a bed to sleep? No thanks.

Horseback riding – It seems so very romantic, but to be honest they don’t really smell like roses and animal smells can be difficult to completely get out. Also, all the little buckles seem dangerous for delicate fabrics.

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  1. i agree :3 scrubbing the bathroom dressed up loli is something like ask to have your clothes ruined. sports and lolita doesn't match, except i would say in archery. kitchen and loli seems to be so cute, but when i try it, i always remember the murphy's law and i go change my clothes ^^