Jun 25, 2011

Captain America Movie Give Away!

I have to admit that he isn't my favorite of heroes, but he has a very interesting movie trailer out and I am starting to get really excited about seeing this film.  So the only logical thing is to have a giveaway!

Candy, 2 macaron necklaces, a fluffy star pin, star hair clip, pen and polka dot socks!

To win this prize simply be a follower of this blog and then leave a comment on this post to tell me your email, what you would do with your own superpower and an ordered number. A winner will be selected and contacted on Wednesday the 29th. This is, however, open only to US residents do to shipping.


  1. michelle.finn.dixon@gmail.com

    If I had the super power of feeling no physical pain, I would get as many tattoos as I could fit on my body and become a real life Tattooed (Wo)Man! :D

    what is an ordered number? All I know is that my favorite number is 17...

  2. Order number means the number of your post. So you would be #1. Sorry if I was unclear.

  3. saskia.mick@gmail.com


    I always love Northstar and Aurora from Alpha Squad. So I'd like to have super speed and flying like them.


  4. AnonymousJune 25, 2011


    If I had super powers, I would want to save the world with my friends, haha. I play a few RPG games and a specific one really left a mark on my heart (if that makes sense) because with friendship, you can do almost anything. But you would also need some kind of supernatural power to save the world, so with friendship and super powers combined, I feel like anything is possible. :P


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  6. oop! Had to delete my earlier post since I misspelled my email. ^.^;


    My super power would be the ability to recycle anything! Well, except for living creatures because that would just get complicated and weird. I think I'd zap things with a beam and convert them into other usable things. Sort of like equivalent exchange. ^.^ I chose this power since I hate seeing litter and it'll help the environment if only a little.

  7. OHOHOHO~ My friends and I already have our super hero team thought out, so I totally know this.

    But first, my e-mail: azn_anime_fangurl@yahoo.com

    I would have super strength [and a super cute costume] and my hero name would be Pixie! My weapon would be a massive hammer [Mjolner ain't got sh*t on it] that I could easily lift and swing into enemies! Along with my partners Astral [who eventually goes evil and causes me to be the leader], Titan, and currently unnamed friend, we'd fight evil and rescue people! [after all, what else would a super hero do?]

  8. #6?


    My super power would be meat vision. I'd be able to turn anything I wanted into meat (sausage, ham, fried chicken, etc.) I'd use this power to save money on my grocery shopping and help those who don't have food.

  9. my email Garnethimexvii(at)aol.com (remove the at)
    If I had a superpower it would definitely be shape-shifting, like Mystique in X-men. Imagine all the things you could pull off with that!
    Also, I believe I am comment 8?

  10. Name: Angel

    email: ladydagger@gmail.com

    Super Power: Maybe it's not a super power per-se, but to have the power to teleport long distances. I'd poof to Japan in 2 seconds!

    Order number: 8 (the girl above me is supposed to be 7... :P )

    Thank you! :)

  11. Order # 9!

    email: mageweavedesigns@gmail.com

    Super Power: I'd want super speed, because I want to sew and craft more but never have the time! Probably try to use it to save the world or whatever as well, not just for mundane sewing and such ^_^

  12. #10


    I'd kind of like the same power as Mystique :D

  13. #11


    I'd love to have telekinesis. I've always wanted to move things with my mind- like the remote across the room, or just for fun silly mischief like making an annoying person spill coffee on themselves.

  14. # 12 I guess!

    My name is Jayne and If I had a superpower I think I'd want to be a shape shifter. It would be so much fun to shift into different people and just cause chaos!

    My Email is Imoen44@yahoo.com

  15. #13!

    email: love.always_rf@yahoo.com

    My name is Rachel! And if I had a super power I would want to be able to bring art to life! Or just ananimate figure-like objects in general :) I could draw or bring to life any creature I needed to help me win a battle!.. Super speed or flight might be a nice accompaniment to the super power above as well ^^