Jun 15, 2011

Oh! Pink! And supporting lolita stores.

So a few weeks ago Happy Japan in Nashville had it’s grand re-opening in a new location – a location now selling lolita clothing as well as the toys and cooking supplies available at the older store. While it’s no longer local to me after the move, I was beyond excited to see lolita in a local store.

They also have an amazingly cute logo (not mine, just borrowing) 

At the moment they have bodyline items, jewelry and accessories and adorable wigs. While I know it would be cheaper to order the dresses and shoes online, I felt it was important to show my support for the fashion, and bought my very first rocking horse shoes. It was lovely to have the ability to try them on first, especially being at one of those awkward half-way sizes that’s hard to fit. I’m loving my new shoes!

But I also had a pair I’d ordered ages ago that hadn’t fit and that I hadn’t gotten around to selling on the community page yet. So on a whim I took them in to see if they would be interested in a trade. They offered me slightly over the price of the shoes in discount and I came away with my first wig!

So soft and bouncy! Also, it's hard to take a picture of yourself without a mirror.

 Side pony-tail!

I’m a bit too far away now to use this as a base for all my immediate lolita needs, but if any of you have the opportunity to stop by I highly recommend it. The store is adorable, the prices not insanely marked up from the online+shipping prices and the staff is friendly. You can also fill any of your cooking, cute stationary or Totoro related needs easily. And try cheese kit-kats, though that bit I recommend less. Much less. In fact, you may want to skip the cheese kit-kats. But they have many other treats and candies that aren’t cheese flavored chocolates.


  1. omg, you live in Tennesee? I was just at Happy Japan in Lolita not too long ago :D

  2. Sadly, I just had to move for work. But I do plan to make return trips (and visit Happy Japan when I do!)

  3. So cool! And I have the same Infinata JSK as you in that picture! XD