Jun 18, 2011

30 Day Challenge - What's in the bag?

Day 10 – What’s in your bag?

This would probably be a much more interesting post if I'd had my strawberry bag today, as it holds much much more I would get to show off my batman wallet. But I'm wearing Aristokitty today, and before, when I'd worn it at Matt's parent's, his mom gave me a purse to go with it. Because she is a million different kinds of awesome like that. So instead of my strawberry I have my adorable black rose:

It's so cute but hard to photograph!

But this isn't a question about what the bag looks like. So here's what I have inside:

Keys to my car and the house, attached to a magic Tardis that actually holds any of my paper money. It's bigger on the inside. My pokewalker, the one that matches with soul silver as indicated by the charm. A key to the new work office I've not put on my key ring yet. A bag of white floral tea just in case. A note pad. A pink, mini, hello kitty glitter pen. Lip gloss. A purple, mini, hello kitty glitter pen. Necessary cards.. A hello kitty mirror/hairbrush compact - a gift from my amazing husband who knows that hello kitty is far more effective at curing colds than any medicine. My phone, not pictured as it's also my camera.

And that's what's in my purse. Days when I use my strawberry purse I'm likely to also have my mini sketch book or notebook, my batman wallet, my bubblegum pink DS and a handful of game cases. Days when I have my basket purse I may also had a paperback book and a bento box in there. Because a basket purse if pointless if you can't pack it for a picnic on occasion.

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  1. depending upon the purse i will take in the day, the things inside change drastically :3