Jul 1, 2011

Seminova jewelry review

I stumbled across this shop on etsy a while ago and ordered a few pieces of jewelry, which I received this afternoon.

Prices: 5/5
Cheaper than the mall even after shipping. The shop has great prices, but keep an eye on the shipping price as you make selections, as they ship internationally (at least to me). You will still spend much less than you would for similar items anywhere else that I've found. The entire order was only slightly over $20 (shipping included) and included 2 pocket watches.

Shopping and shipping: 5/5
Standard etsy check out. I very promptly received both a notice that the package had shipped and positive buyer feedback. The package Was very well secured with more tape and bubble wrap than I ever seen on such a small package.

Products: 5/5
The end products are beautiful! I had one issue with a jump ring on the snitch watch catching along the chain, but it was very easily fixed and hardly worth mention. They were perfect in all other ways. I have to admit the prices made me a little worried that I would be sacrificing quality, but they are all much nicer than I could have purchased at shops like Icing or Claires. Each item came in an individual black velvet bag, which I found to be a lovely personal touch. The package also contained an extra ring as a thank you gift and a thank-you letter.

The anchor necklace and pearl ring were bought to match my incoming sailor-styled dress. They are adorable and well-made. The second watch is even nicer than the snitch, and very elegant. It has a rosy-tan cover and the watch face on the interior is off-white. It's decorated with a precious bird charm and a tiny heart and pearl. The back of the watch has an elegant sort pattern. I think it is absolutely perfect as a finishing touch for elegant classic and steampunk coordinates, but could also be worn to finish off those that fall between classic and sweet styles. The rose ring was a gift added in, and it looks so adorable with the watch that I will be wearing them as a set.
The snitch watch is absolutely amazing! It's actually fairly heavy despite it's cute size.  It also has a brushed texture, though it is difficult to see in the photo. It's on a very long chain that I may shorten later, as the weight causes it to swing rather a lot. The wings are actually silver, rather than brass like the body of the watch, though the lighting is a bit wrong to show it here.

The pieces have a lot of charm and are fantastic quality, especially for the price, and I am absolutely thrilled with all of them. In fact, I was so pleased that I immediately purchased the necklace I had originally decided not to add to my original order along with a couple of gifts. I highly recommend taking a look at this shop if you want to find a few finishing touches.

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  1. Thank you, dear, for pointing me toward this Etsy. As soon as I have a little pocket change, I'm going to go to town!! Love it!