Jul 28, 2011

Pretty of the Week: Sale Dresses That Work for Steampunk

For the last Pretty of the Week focusing on steampunk, I wanted to point out some dresses that would work in a steam loli outfit. Then I decided to do one better and point out ones that were on sale. Enjoy!

We'll start with Innocent World if only because I'm tormenting myself by not opening the package right next to me until I'm done with the post for today. This one is the Pictor jumperskirt, and it'd be perfect if you want a simple dress to show off some truly great accessories. I'm a fan of keeping things simple and having only one or two stand out pieces when it comes to steampunk, and this dress perfectly fits that aesthetic.

These two, the Heidemarie and Regine jumperskirts, made the list for the same reason, thought I love that these are much more elegant and ladylike even while being simple.

While it's very much like a skirt version of the first dress, I wanted to point out this skirt for it's color. There never seems to be enough color in steampunk, so I'm rather drawn to it even though skirt typically don't work for me. (Oh how I envy you, people who look good in skirts.) Sadly, they are sold out of this color. But I'll put it here to be admired anyways.

Can you tell that I love red and blue in my steampunk? Especially reds with browns. This dress has a beautiful mix of earth tones that make it both lovely and easy to coordinate with steampunk accessories but still stand out with the pop of color. Sadly, they are sold out of red. But I'll put it here to be admired anyways.

The Viennese Rose jumperskirt may seem an odd pick for this list, but I think that it would be perfect for the super elegant steamy look. It's a bit harder to pull off, but it ends up with such nice results. The dress is pretty simple and the floral pattern is so delicate that there's a lot you can do with this one.

I almost left this one out. Prints aren't a common theme, even crossing with lolita, but this one seems like it could be made to work to wonderful effect. The design looks a bit like heraldry, which kind of gives it a romantic feel. And vertical stripes are both visually interesting and flattering. It's much more detailed than other dresses on the list so it would have to be coordinated very carefully. With light accessories, however, it might just be the best on the list.

Moving on to look at the Baby the stars Shine Bright sales page, there was a bit less to list. However I did find two lovely dresses that fit rather well. This one just makes me think of picnicking in faraway places (with a lace parasol of course) and walks in exotic gardens.

This dress has a more dramatic elegance to it that could work very well in steampunk. Again, it's a rather simple dress. Even so, this feels like it would be the stand out piece of the outfit all on it's own.

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