Jul 19, 2011

Books for Lolitas: Steampunk Style Jewelry

An entry for the crafty lolitas out there! This is a fantastic book. It's got great crafting ideas, even if the style isn't precisely what you go for it still teaches useful techniques. It also has lovely images and articles for many different aspects of the culture, making it a great read for anyone with an interest in steampunk even if crafting isn't their thing.

But it made it to the list partially by including an article on lolita! It's interesting, as it was written by someone outside of the lolita community and so not 100% accurate, but still handled rather respectfully. It does amuse me greatly that it refers to lolita as the 'little sister' of steampunk, though as an aesthetic lolita is the older of the two - though the phrase 'steampunk' and lolita fashion both appeared around the same time.

All in all, its an interesting book with a variety of different articles, tutorials, shopping suggestions and images. It's worth a quick in-store read at the very least.

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