Jul 12, 2011

Books Movies for Lolitas: Steam Edition

I have a confession to make. The book I had planned to review had fifty pages of nothing happening. While it picked up a few pages after that, I’ve been having to fight through the beginning, making it a slow read. So I’ll be keeping at it incase it turns out to be something worth telling you about, but for this week I’ll be doing something a bit different and giving you a list of films you might want to take a look at – all with a little bit of steam thrown in of course.

Hellboy and Hellboy 2
Have I ever mentioned that I love a) urban fantasy, b) superheros, c) steampunk elements, d) beauty and the beast style romances and e) guys that look a bit like Legolas. (Side note: Why can’t my hair be that pretty?!) So these films hit a lot of the right notes for me, besides which they are well written and beautifully shot. I recommend the second film a bit more (on account of point e) but they are both wonderful and exciting.


Sleepy Hollow
Oh the setting on this one! I adore this film. It’s got ghosts and creepiness without being too much for someone who’s a baby about scary movies. Namely me. And the costumes and super goggles!

Can I have a short version replica of her dress please?

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
This is just a clever movie. I’m a fan of the books too, and the movie is a very good adaptation. And, again, has gorgeous visuals. The characters are wonderfully amusing as well. And it’s just so clever! 

I was in love with this movie before I even saw it, I think. The book is so wonderful that I just knew the film would have to be at least fantastic. (Go read the book too!) It’s like a newer Princess Bride. Not as classic, certainly, and without lines that will forever melt the knees of girls everywhere, but just as fun and random. Also, where else can you see both unicorns and air ships?

 See? Unicorns AND airships! Yes!

Sherlock Holmes
I love Sherlock Holmes. I really do. And really. Tony Stark as Holmes? That’s almost as great as Batman as Holmes, only with Marvel instead of DC. I mean…um… the acting was perfect. Sorry, was my dork showing? 

Castle in the Sky
This is probably the overall best animated steampunk film, though there are others and some more obvious. But the animation is beautiful, the music sets just the right mood, the story is lovely and well told and it’s filled to bursting with flying contraptions of every shape and size. 

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Dieselpunk at it’s most amazing. Matt loves this film more than I do, but we both enjoy watching. The deco atmosphere just makes me happy, and it’s got a fun, exciting story behind it. But really, watch it because it's just so darn pretty.

Golden Compass
Ignoring the religious protests to the film, it really was a wonderful movie. It was not, as many groups believed, an anti-Christian movie. I just want to point that out at the start as mention of this film does make some people go on a defensive and form opinions. Yes, the book was very strongly anti-organized-religion but even that aspect was largely ignored in the film in favor of coming off as more anti-corruption in government than anything. 

Will I ever get the sequel I deserve? It says no.

All the debate aside, the film was a wonderful fantastic adventure in a world with so much going on. The colors and the interesting gadgets! The fluffy animals being adorable everywhere! The colors! The characters were fantastic, and the story was magical, but it’s the setting that really shines in this film. I mean, the car! Watch it just to see that car! It is so awesome!

 I want to drive this.

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