Jul 30, 2011

Crafting! a few steampunk tutorials

I'd wanted to make at least one tutorial for the theme. However, all the crafting I know I learned from other tutorials that are far more instructive than any copy I made would be. Instead, I picked my two favorite tutorials to share.

The first is the all popular goggles. I dislike adding random goggles in order to call an outfit steampunk, but they can be really lovely if they match your outfit well. The trouble, especially for those that love keeping the lolita in steam loli, is finding googles that match just right. I was certain that cream colored goggles would be amazing, however, they weren't available. So instead I decided to make my own! I used this tutorial by Fenris the Red Wolf on deviant art as a basic guide. In the end, I substituted the jar lids for the tops of wedding favor tins and I covered the leather with cream colored canvas fabric. I also attached them to a headband so I had more freedom with my hairstyling and added a loop of ribbon so I could easily clip on bows or flowers to match what I was wearing.

Threadbanger, the youtube DIY channel, did a steampunk series a while back and while most of the projects focused on how to make a cheap steampunk costume, this on was rather nice. Also take notice of the gorgeous dresses in the background - it's the same place that made that amazing Moby Dick dress.

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