Jul 21, 2011

Pretty of the Week: My husband is amazing.

You see this? This is just one reason why. He is amazing and the fact can't be argued.

I was browsing for Pretty of the Week ideas in keeping with the theme and happened to stumble across this gorgeous new Innocent World dress. And fell head over heels in love with it. Hearing the squeals of utter joy, my wonderful husband looked to see what was making me hyperventilate. After a moment he uttered words he's yet to say of any other dress I have or have made him look at. "I like that."

Knowing then that my fate was sealed and that this beauty MUST find a way into my closet, I began pulling out the payday/need-to-pay charts and seeing just how soon I could own it. Unable to figure a date that didn't have me sniffling with worry the dress would sell out (I have VERY bad luck with this) I went and began weeding my beloved but now impractical winter dresses from my closet. Sometime during my panic attack over the idea of selling my nightingale dress, Matt asked how much I needed to buy the piece of fabric heaven. And then bought it. Aaaaah! I adore him so much!

At any rate, this dress is perfect and is a perfect piece around which to build a steampunk coordinate. And is on its way to me. And I love my husband.

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