Oct 13, 2011

Pretty of the week: Fox Cherry's new items

Fox Cherry is one of my favorite places to go for accessories. They're affordable, adorable and a little bit different. It doesn't hurt that their hats have a billion different detachable bows and flowers that make it super easy to fit to any sort of coordinate. And now that I received my last order I can vouch for their quality - not quite Brand quality, but more than amazing for what you pay. While checking earlier this week I notice that they'd had a major update with tons of new items. Most of these were mini hats or autumn/winter accessories, but they also included a ton of bows and even some jewelry, which is exciting because I adore the chokers I got.

Possibly my favorite new item are these adorable earmuffs. I really like the detailing - the lace, the pearls, the crystal with it's tiny little bow. They look so soft and dreamy, and the little wing charm makes them seem angelic, even. These are totally on my wish list.

 Some of the new bows that I really like. They're simple but each has something small to make it a little bit special. I'm really loving the polka-dot bow with the flowers.

 Mini hat! I've been thinking of finding a really cute mini hat now that I'm a bit happier with my hair length but admit it's not long enough to look just right with my larger hats yet. I'm leaning towards this, which makes me think of walks in palace gardens and fancy tea parties.

More autumn/winter hats that I can't resist. The top one just looks so classic and perfect, and the second just looks cool. And has a rabbit in the lace. I find it very hard to say no to rabbits.

A couple of the necklaces, though certainly not the only jewelry added. They had things for practically every style, and even had some adorable earrings. I just really like the ballerina and fairy themes in these two and how it's incorporated through the whole piece. From the crystal drops and lace to the bows and branches. It really makes them feel unique.

Rose headbands seem to be a trend right now, and these are really great ones. 

The pirate hats were the most fun of the updates. The brown and red one is just too pretty.


  1. Oh, these are lovely! I just placed an order with Fox Cherry last weekend, too bad these weren't up yet.

  2. I know how you feel, my bag had just shipped from taobaospree when they made the update.