Oct 18, 2011

Books Movies for Lolitas: Halloween Edition

I've never been a fan of scary films at all, but my husband is a far different story. In the spirit of compromise and bribed by shoes, I've seen more than I would have chosen to without adorable shoe involvement. And I've surprisingly found a small handful that I've actually liked on at least one level. For those looking for something for a halloween lolita meet idea, here are two of the very small handful that would be good viewing material for a movie night.

Pan's Labyrinth

I want to start off saying that this film very much earns it's rating and that there are a few hard scenes to watch, so before offering it up at a party I'd recommend watching it alone and then taking into account the guests attending. That said, this is a brilliantly done film with a dark Alice in Wonderland vibe to it, though not directly an Alice related story. It also has a number of Grimm fairy tales elements and will leave you wondering. It's also a beautifully filmed story with really interesting sets and unique monster designs.

You may be sleeping with the lights on for a while.

And speaking of sleeping with the lights on...

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Probably both the most beautiful and most terrifying house I've ever seen. The beginning of the film felt very much like a tense, modern version of Secret Garden but then descends into utter terror. My future (far far away future) children will never be allowed to leave teeth for the tooth fairy. And when they ask why I will show them this film and they will thank me for being so loving and protective.

I will say that I love the girl in this film who deals with her personal emotional troubles, the terrifying monsters and the adults' disbelief in said monsters in a very believable way. The script was very well written and well performed to pull it off so well. And again, the setting is utterly gorgeous.
And utterly terrifying. 

They're hungry.

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