Oct 8, 2011

Introducing Alyss

A while ago I'd made a post about wanting dolls. While I've yet to get the Madame Alexander doll I've decided on, I did decide to get a pullip to practice photography with. And the immediately borrowed the fancy camera and set up a little wonderland for Alyss - named for a truly fantastic book series.

She's really very detailed, her dress is very lovely and has an apron, train, and collar that can be removed or added for different effects. My only complaint is that the stand was rather flimsy when adjusted so it was tall enough for her to stand. She's too thin for any of my other doll stands so I'll make or buy her a chair at some point.

I also made her a little white rabbit as a prop. He came out looking a bit like the velveteen rabbit, so I'm pretty happy with him. Perhaps I'll make another to make a tutorial.

 Reading Looking Glass Wars.

Goodnight, everyone.

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