Oct 20, 2011

Pretty of the Week: Already gone?

I didn't have a lot of luck with the items I picked for this week and both are already sold out - seemingly as soon as they went up. Being that I had no back-up to my back-up I've decided to show them off anyways.

First was this dress by Dear Celine. I love the toned down blue and the soft pink/red of the roses. It's just so elegant and fancy. At the same time it isn't aggressively demanding attention. It's just waiting patiently and being beautiful so that you can admire it when you have time. It's a very polite dress.

This was the one I was really excited about. I was really disappointed when it sold out later the same day, because I was hoping to buy it after my trip when a new paycheck came in. I really love book shaped bags, but brand purses are so expensive and seem small. This one was more in-budget, large enough for pretty much everyone, and with all that elegant scroll design it was really the perfect book purse. But hopefully the record time sell-out will same something possitive and we'll see more book purses in taobao shops. One can hope, at least.

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