Mar 23, 2011

Loliprompt: Some like it hot, some like it cold

Which season tends to be more conductive to your preferred style: Summer or Winter? In the opposite season, does your style change, or do you wear the same things and try to bear the cold/heat?

I've always tried my hardest to have a wardrobe that can change seasons with me. Picking dresses while keeping this in mind can keep me from saying goodbye to a favorite piece for most of the year. That said, most of my lolita clothes are made for cooler weather. I simply love the feel of winter fabrics, which can make spring a difficult season to dress for - silly since it's such a perfect season for flowers and frills. This year, rather than being sad to see all my beautiful winter dresses disappear I'm determined to celebrate the season by going to flower festivals and planning special things to share with friends. Want to throw a spring celebration party of your own? Here are a few ideas:

Tazo Passion tea is possibly the prettiest tea ever.

1) Keep you drinks light. Spring is a perfect time to bring out the fruit and floral teas. Rose tea is perfect for a more elegant atmosphere, but teas with berries and passion fruit are beautifully colored and playful. Stay away from the heavier teas, though, if you want a really spring feel. If the day is especially warm you may even want to try offering a simple punch. You can mix a can of frozen strawberry drink concentrate with sprite for an easy punch that's extremely tasty.

2) Short cake parfait. This is an easy dish that can be dressed up for a super elegant evening or made in a larger bowl for a more picnic sort of feel. Start by prepping your berries the night before. Cut them into small pieces, sprinkle with sugar and let them chill overight. Before the event, crumble your shortcakes and layer them in the bottom of each dish. Then top with the berries and a layer of cool whip. Repeat this for another layer, then add an extra whole berry on top of each parfait for decoration.

3) Rice Krispy 'petifores'. Start by making rice treats and cutting them into the shape you want. You can make the more traditional squares or use cutters to make hearts or flowers. Melt down a bag of white candy melts or white chocolate chips and add coloring. Or, if you want to be a little more adventurous, add a spoonful of macha powder instead. Once the mix is smooth, dip your rice treats and make sure they are well coated. Once the chocolate shell hardens you can decorate with icing or add pre-made candy flowers to really make them look like little cakes.

4) Don't forget to have a savory option! Try for some light sandwhiches like chicken salad - which can be made many different ways for different tastes and effects. Seasoned toast cut in miniature pieces and deviled eggs are also wonderful additions for a spring theme.

5) Swap the scones for plain tea cakes.

6) Don't forget to decorate. What says spring to you? Flowers? Birds? Butterflies? Keep your theme in mind and stick to it. Small vases with single flowers are elegant and inexpensive, or you could collect wild flowers for free for a more natural look. If you don't feel like getting flowers at all, try picking up some fake butterflies from the floral section of your local craft store and scattering them across the table.

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  1. i really don't have problems with my clothes because here is hot and all my clothes are cool- not much but i can survive :3. now we are in autumn and i am needing badly more cardigans. i loved the tips- i can follow them all over the year!