Mar 29, 2011

Books Movies for Lolitas: Tangled

Chameleons are oh so loli.

If you haven't gotten around to seeing the newest Disney Princess, then this is your chance. Today is the day the movie was released for home viewing. I was ever so excited to receive my amazon package today - thank you amazing and wonderful husband!

For those of you that didn't make it to the theater, the movie is about a sick queen, a magic flower, a kidnapped princess growing up in a tower, an evil witch, a thief and an adorable lizard. But I don't want to give away too much, so I'll leave it to your TVs to explain how those are all connected.

I have to say, I wasn't expecting that much from the film at first. The rumors of change in the early stages of production, the drive to market it to boys combined with the unimpressive trailer and the track record for most any non-Pixar 3D animation... it all failed to impress. But I'm still a girl running around in princess dresses with a tiara sitting in my hair accessories drawer, so to the theater for princesses I went. I was very happily proven incorrect about the film. The film is good, and the visuals manage to remember what a disney princess film should look like despite the animation style. The songs were very classic Disney - some more old school and some more in line with more recent films like Mulan. The whole tale was utterly charming and I adored each and every character. I can see where they attempted to cater to the boys but it was blended in a way that made it work in the film where it didn't in the trailer.

Tonight is Rapunzel night at my house. Pasta, pie and the last of the hot cocoa while sitting down to marathon the movie and any and all of the extras. 

Please excuse the diversion to film this week, I just couldn't resist a chance to blog about my new favorite princess.

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