Mar 15, 2011

Books for lolitas: Brightly Woven

Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken

We have another fantasy story this week. Brightly Woven was a book I picked up with a rather large number of 'maybe this will make a good review' books. And I have to say it was my favorite of the bunch, even though I went into it without any knowledge of what I was in for. The story is a little like Howl's Moving Castle but with a sense of the epic rather than the humor.

The main characters are Sydelle, a girl from a desert village with a knack for weaving, and North, a rogue wizard who shows up and ends a ten year dry spell. As payment for bringing the rain, North takes Sydelle as his companion on his quest to stop a brewing war. Though I can't say a whole lot more than that without giving things away, I can tell you that the plot it well... woven. Forgive the pun I honestly couldn't bring a better word to mind. While there were parts I saw coming, others took me completely by surprise, which is a rare treat after a life spent with my nose in a book. The characters are all very amusing and, again, I'm enthralled by the relationships in the book and the ways they develop and evolve over the course of the story.

This is certainly a book I'd recommend to everyone, and is a rather quick read if, like me, you have a hard time putting a good tale aside.

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