Feb 3, 2011

Pretty of the week: Cherry Berry Bunny

The sound I make when I see those bunnies makes the cat very angry.

Now for something a little different. I don't really wear sweet style. That's not to say I don't like the aesthetic. To the contrary, I adore seeing others in all their sugary over the top glory. But when I consider decking myself out in pink candy, kittens and pastels I just don't get the pitter-patter in my chest that I get from elegant lines, floral prints and warm creams. That being said, I would wear sweet if I could have this dress. There are very few dresses I can say that about, and most of them tend to toe the line with warm chocolate colors or slightly more grown up themes. This is bunnies and pink and berries and far more cute than my old fashioned princess aesthetic should be able to handle. 

But when I look at this print I want poofy, curly pigtails covered in berries and bows, a pink blouse and cherry red shoes. I want a giant bunny as my purse and I want to dance down the street leaving a trail of glitter and passers-by in sugar comas. And I honestly am not sure why this dress makes me wants that. The bunnies are adorable, but so are a lot of other prints that I don't look twice at. The colors are nice, but not unusual. Perhaps it has to do with my weakness for berries? 
 I also really like the blue version.

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