Feb 11, 2011

Pretty of the week: Bodyline rose jsk

So let's talk about bodyline for a bit. As a lolita with a very small budget I have more than a couple items from there. I'd heard the horror stories long before I ever ordered my first piece - an emergency petticoat replacement that had to get there a lot sooner than anywhere else I knew at the time could get it to me. And honestly, that one depressed me by a lot. But later I had a friend tell me her gorgeous jsk was a bodyline piece. What was it she was wearing that had me rushing home to spend my last bit of birthday money?

I almost didn't find it on the site. The main picture is of the not-so-elegant all red colorway, surrounded by other single color prints that, especially in blurry bodyline photo-vision look cheap and costume-ish to me. This little treasure is hidden away in the corner of the photograph. I broke down and ordered the black carousel skirt when I got the dress,  along with some shoes and little accessories. Some things I was more than pleased with, others I wasn't.

However, this winter I've worn this dress more than anything else in my closet. It's a very versatile piece, really. I made it into a holiday outfit my paring it with a deep green cardigan, a fluffy polar bear open back hat based on the MintyMix design and a teddy bear necklace. I wear it most often with an off-white blouse and tights, but it looks very dramatic if I switch those to black and add in cameos and pearls. But lately I'm wearing it with layered, flowing cream colored vintage shirts and lucky antiquing find jewelry.  It gives it a sort of dreamy, older fairy tale feel. I've been wanting to try it with a wine cut-sew, which is something I'm planning to try for Friday when I'll be doing more than packing up the apartment and meeting cable instillation crews.

It's a great dress that can work in casual wear or in fancier coordinates. The deep red roses with green leaves are great as a holiday print without being limited to just the one season. It's also only $31, which means I'm not terrified of ruining it every time I wear it.

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  1. i'm a newbie too, but i just have 3 bodyline's items in my wardrobe. i'm planning to buy more, the most part of my wardrobe is handmade. this dress is really pretty, floral prints always let me dreaming with antiques accessories to match it!