Feb 2, 2011

Books for Lolitas: Dramacon

I hope you all enjoyed comic week. I wasn't quite able to fit everything into it, but if I said everything I had to say at once then what would be left to write about? I wanted to make a quick note on the update scheduel before going into the meat of today's post. During the next few weeks my husband and I will be moving into a new house, which is never an easy task. I will try my best to keep the blog updated, but beg your forgiveness if I miss a post or two.

What by Who: Dramacon by Svetlana Chmakova

I've heard several differing opinions concerning the relationship between lolitas and anime and manga. On one hand, that's how quite a few of us were first exposed to the fashion we love and shows like Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura will always fill many of us with happy nostalgic sparkles. But on the other hand, our chosen fashion suffers more than a little from the misunderstanding that it equals cosplay. But whatever your opinion of anime, the fact remains that cons play a role in the culture. Meet ups are planned around them, many host fashion shows and many have lolita clothing stashed in the dealers room - both true loli and lace monsters. So I feel it's safe to say that a good percentage will at some point venture into the insanity called a con. This is a book that will appeal to those who have been there and prepare those who haven't.

The story revolves around Christie, who we meet as she attends her first anime convention as a writer selling her comic in artist alley. This is a venture that sparks more that just con shenanigans, though. While at con she falls for a mysterious man in sunglasses, creates new friendships and breaks old ones. The whole series is filled with the inexplicable mix of the ups and downs that I've always known to come in extremes during con time. It's a really good read for anyone that enjoys the atmosphere and for those anticipating their first attendance since it includes many of the inevitable happenings such as unfortunate cosplay and getting lost.

Since it is a manga, it's a pretty fast read and I highly recommend picking up the ultimate edition rather than the separate books as it's a nicer copy with added content and cheaper than buying the separate books together.


  1. I actually really would like to borrow Dramacon from you some time. It sounds like a really awesome book.

    thought: What about songs for loli's as a segment on your blog? I have some fun ones if you want some suggestions!

  2. I really need to send you the books, yeah. Perhaps a trade? I've really been wanting to reread Princess Ben. That was one I borrowed from you, right?

    I'd love to do a song for loli segment. It'd be hard to top the post on Sugar Bomb, though. David Bowie. Haha!

  3. I LOVED this drama!!
    I read vol 1 and 2, but never found 3 which is a total shame :( I'd love to read it!