Feb 18, 2011

Pokemon Weekend

To start off I'd like to apologize for missing the normal updates this week due to the move. However, we are now all moved in and except for the weekend of unpacking that looms before us, we shouldn't have much left to do until we go on a planned new furniture and decorating spree. Which means that not only will there be a return to normal posts next week, but that thanks to my new and gradually getting prettier craft room, I'll be posting some more tutorials and craft updates. In the mean time I thought that perhaps I'd enlighten you all to the fabulous pre-move weekend I had with my good friend Lira.

It all started with this.

It's not really a big secret that I'm a bit of a geek, about some things more than others. I'm pretty sure the pokemon games qualify as one of those. I've played the games since the first versions came out (I started with blue) and have never yet had a main game release come out that I didn't own rather quickly. So it goes without saying that I'm a tad bit excited about these new games. So when Lira informed me of the national tour we decided that we would make at least one of the stops. And, though she isn't into the frills, we would do it all dressed up for the occasion.

I went dressed in my "marshmallow" skirt and my favorite white blouse.

 Lira went in a really great outfit to match/contrast mine.

It was a great weekend, and I recommend that anyone who's a fan of the games and can make it to one of the stops to do so. There is a trial room set up to play a demo of the new games - we went through twice to test out each version and get both of the pins they give you as you exit. The malls with theaters also host free showings of the newest film, a real treat since the US hasn't seen a theater release of a pokemon movie since the third film and this one is quite a bit better than a lot of the straight to DVD films. There was also a mall wide stamp hunt, which ended in a chance to spin a prize wheel. My prize was a starter stylus, while Lira won a phone charm. But other prizes included plushies, which we bought at the pokemon center booth after failing to win. The Gamestop was giving away Celebis as well, which triggers events in gold/silver as well as in black/white.

All in all, it was just fun, a great way to spend time with a friend, get some free stuff, buy a few awesome plushies, get way too excited about the game and to get away from packing boxes for a day.

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  1. I really want to give you ringlets again.

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