Jan 12, 2012

Pretty of the Week: THESE SHOES!

The most difficult thing I've found about building my wardrobe? I have this huge fear of ordering shoes unless I can try them on first. But that aversion just went right out the window. To be honest, I'd been looking at these on Coconuts for a while now, but hadn't gotten over the 'don't want to spend that much when it may not fit' thing. At least not until something else I wanted turned out to be out of stock after I paid and these ended up on sale. Now I'm eagerly awaiting there arrival so I can right a hopefully gushing review.

I mean, really? Not only are these the most adorable things for feet since oxford heels, but they are perfect for those who, like me, long to dress head to toe in fluffy warm fabrics and (faux) fur accessories and don't have the cooperation of the weather. They look so classic and elegant. And, yes, like baby tribbles with bows on. I completely wouldn't mind opening the closet to find they'd multiplied.

But with shoes.

I've been really overwhelmed at the responses to the giveaway, everyone! All the entries are wonderful and well written and I'm already imagining all sorts of books I could send out and getting some new ideas for books to review as well. There are several weeks left to go, however, so if you haven't entered yet please do so! If I get enough entries I may just have to send out two winning packs.

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  1. I share your exact fears of buying shoes online without being able to try them on first. Tis why at the moment all my shoes are generic, run of the mill mary-jane heels xD But wow, congrats on those darling shoes, they are so beautiful!