Jan 4, 2012

Loli-able Ideas For Colder Weather

Now that it's turning cooler it's time to pull out coats and scarves and fluffy boots. But those aren't the only things that can bring cozy warmth to your winter coordinates.

Bunny necklaces from Nozomi Crafts

Needle felted jewelry!
While it won't keep you warm, softer jewelry will certainly help you achieve a warmer look. Mixing soft natural elements with metal jewelry can look positively enchanting. Like with the fur accessories, you can find these to match many different styles because there are so many different artists that make everything from teddy bears to bunnies to acorns. Browsing etsy will give you a great many ideas.

Sweater tights!
One of the easiest ways to stay toasty in a fashion where knee length skirts are the norm even in winter. You can get several different colors and designs to match any style, and there's no need to wait for shipping as you can find these anywhere. Even stores like Target and Walmart will have a pair or two this time of year.

Sweater/scarf pins!
An easy trick to add a special flare to simple scarves and winter hats is to buy or make matching brooches and pin them on. It gives the plain items a fancier feel and makes everything feel like a set. The brooches can be anything from simple bows, flower clusters, fluffy stars or even jewelry.

Bambi collar from Puree
Fur accessories!
I'm loving all the soft fluff popping up everywhere from brand websites to Claire's. It seems so elegant and sweet that it's perfect for lolita! And with so many different options, it's easy to find accessories to match your personal style. I'm a huge fan of faux bambi fur, but it isn't the only beautiful option out there. And fur can make anything seem extra cozy - shoes, collars, wrist cuffs, hats and headdresses. You can save money and make your own or buy simpler ones from local shops or antiques and dress them up with pins or ribbons if the brand accessories are too pricy for your budget.

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