Apr 26, 2011

Life: not an excuse, but an update

So I've mentioned a few times that I've gotten a bit of a hectic schedule as of late. Being that I've missed a few posts now, I feel it's only fair to give a brief explanation. Not as an excuse, but to assure everyone that I'm not simply forgetting and that in time I will return to more frequent updates.

The craziness started at work, when the whole office was shifted to a new system and I turned from part time to full time overnight and with little to no warning. While it took a bit of adjusting, it wasn't what completely eradicated my free time.

Shortly after the changes at work I was informed by my con-partner that we were getting a table at an upcoming convention, surprise! This was a little stressful, but in a good, productive sort of way. And really, that was only because I'd not been restocking all my art as planned because trying new things was more fun.

Then last week we got news that has made any con panic I had seem incredibly small in comparison: my husband and I are moving to south Florida in June. The weekend after said con, in fact. So now I'm crafting like mad (I wouldn't feel right leaving my friend hanging) packing when I'm not crafting or working and then flopping down on the couch to watch Dr Who in a semi-comatose state when I can no longer do either of those things. I also have to make time to see the friends and family which will soon be a fourteen hour drive away, which is near impossible given the full work week and small number of weekends before the move. And I'm trying to do math in an attempt to some how have a wardrobe which won't reduce me to a puddle once I reach Florida.

So I feel as if my plate is a bit full at the moment. I've stolen a couple hours here and there for reading, but it's not the sort of time that's productive for reviews. I also snuck out to spend a handful of hours to visit the con last weekend with the excuse that the dealer's room would provide needed birthday gifts and I really wanted to go to the tea party - even if it was more of a sip-and-run than anything else.

I've managed to build a very small back log of shorter posts for the next week or so. I won't be going on hiatus if I can avoid it. I even have plans for a contest around July, though the one I had planned to celebrate the Thor movie will not be happening at this point. I beg you to bear with me and to forgive any late or missed posts. Everything should be back to normal in a couple months.

On a brighter note, a girl at the con had an amazing Batman dress.
I want this.

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