Apr 13, 2011

Books for Lolitas: Princess Academy

I owe everyone an apology for the late update this week. There were issues with what I had planned to review, and with being busy in general. I'm in the middle of unexpected con prep at the moment, and between that and work I've not had much energy for reading - or at least not for reading with a mind to review the book. (I promise that the werewolf book will get a review at some point but right now it would consist mostly of squee.)

So it was with some dismay that yesterday I realized the book I'd checked out from the library to review this week had yet to be opened. I held off on the review with the hope that I could get it read over night - as it was a short book. But I after getting about a fifth of the way in I had to put it away in disgust. You guys, I don't mind it when a book surprises me. In fact I really like that. I'm not a fan of false advertising, though. If the name 'retelling of ___' is in the title and even I can't see the connection then there just might be a problem with the marketing. The sad part is that the writing was decent, if a little jumpy in places, and it was probably a very good book. Chances are I would have picked it up and enjoyed it if the title and description had been honest. But it outright lied to me, so I'll never know.

The important part is that this means the review I had wanted to write isn't going to happen. It doesn't mean there isn't a review. Gosh, I don't read only things I want to review. But the book in the list I most want to review is by an author I've already covered in another post. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I suppose.  I had just hoped I could point out something NEW. But alas. It's still a fabulous book.

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Princess Academy is the story of Miri, a girl living in a mountain village where everyone makes a living in the rock quarry. Only, Miri isn't allowed to work, since she is so small. Her life changes, however, when the girls of the village are taken to the princess academy. One of them will wed the prince and get a happily ever after. It sounds like a very typical story - one that's just a little overused - but it has several very interesting twists. Miri is not the average poor girl turned princess, and she has dreams that lead readers down an unexpected turn.

This is a short read and the premise is a little on the silly side, but the characters and story telling really make it worth while. Miri is certainly an interesting take on the possible princess. Of course she is sucked into the pretty things, but she remains selfless and unique throughout the tale. I'd really recommend this as a book for days when you need a little boost of optimism, courage and maybe a smidgen of excitement.

Please forgive any posts I make in the next month that are abnormally short or slightly late. I'll do my best to keep the blog active and I do have a list of previously read books I can go through. Expect to see a few older, more familiar (possibly) titles in the next few weeks.

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