Dec 15, 2011

Pretty of the Week: Fox Cherry Fur Collars

I realize I highlight this shop more than only slightly, though to be fair I buy from them possibly more often. I've always loved their romantic, unique style and the prices lower than some places with half the quality. Lately checking their page has me positively green with envy for all the lolitas living where the weather is taking a turn towards chilly. And this even though I loath cold weather. But I simply can't help but long for these darling collars.

This one with the white rose and deer charm is by far my favorite. Not only is it beautiful, but it makes me think of the times when everything is covered in snow and everyone is thinking of spring anyways.

I also rather like this one as well. It's super classy, and a little bit old school.

Here's one that slightly sweeter.

This one is just fun, and a bit Queen of Hearts.

This set is just amazing. I'd likely never find use for the hand muff, but that doesn't mean I can't love it from afar.

These weren't the only fur collars on the list, simply my favorites. They've added new hair bows and a few new hats as well - I notices a lot of navy, which can be a hard color to find accessories for.

Also, Sanrio is giving away an adorable ceramic mug to their facebook friends this month. All you need to do is print the coupon linked through their facebook page and turn it in at a store when you spend $5. The stores not listed on the coupon are still  participating through a voucher and will have the mugs for pick up in January. This is a great way to treat yourself while getting those last minute holiday gifts. Or, if you've already finished your gift buying, reward yourself by treating yourself twice!

And to any gamer lolitas out there: How are you liking Skyrim?

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