Dec 20, 2011

Books Games for Lolitas

 I mentioned in my last post that lately I've been playing quite a few games, so I thought I'd make a post on a couple of games I'm loving at the moment. Even if they aren't particularly loli, there are still a ton of fun.

For those of you that haven't heard yet, Skyrim is a hugely amazing game, partly because it is just that. Huge. The world is massive, and there is almost no limit to what you can do. The main quest line throughout the game involves fighting dragons, but there is nothing preventing you from doing tons of other things. Currently I'm attending the Skyrim version of Hogwarts, collecting every horse available, reading every book, following foxes to hidden treasure whenever possible, defying gravity when I get too close to giants, upping my black smith skill and lock picking. The list goes on and on. Oh, and there is an adorable giant puppy following my character around. Beyond the grand scale freedom, the world is just beautiful.

The game isn't perfect. If you can't play in the default first person mode (like me) then battling and aiming is pretty difficult. With a little practice you can get used to it, or you can learn spells that just set everything on fire. Which also works, more or less. And the freedom of the game cant be as distracting as it is nifty, and it doesn't leave much room for story elements. But if story elements aren't as big of a draw for you or you have fun building the story within your own head, then this is certainly a game to check out.

The other game I've been stuck on actually went live last night. I'll start off by saying that you don't have to be a huge Star Wars fan to get into Star Wars: The Old Republic. I myself have a great deal of love for R2D2 and respect for the movies, but at heart I prefer Spock. I really only started playing because I have so much love for Bioware after the Dragon Age series that I just wanted to see what else they have to offer. My husband and I shared a game with early access and so far I'm having a blast, even though at the moment I'm only trying out the different classes to figure out which is the most fun. The game handles pretty much identically to World of Warcraft, so it's familiar to those players and easy enough to master for everyone else. Though it's an online game and there are certainly sections for parties of two or more, the game does a fantastic job of making the story personal through the use of story areas, which only you or your party can view. This means that it's much more story driven than other online games. Voice overs with interactive answering options replace the walls of quest text and answers earn you light or dark side points regardless of the side you choose at the beginning of the game. Answers can also earn or loose companion approval points.

And lets talk of companions for a moment, shall we? Jedi Knights get little droids. Little adorable beeping droids that say cute things like 'Jedi + T7-10 = Adventure!' in cute little sounds and follow you around to help defeat enemies with little electric shocks. I adore the little droid. I've heard you can receive a wookie with a smuggler character, as well, though I've yet to locate that companion.

If you like online games or Star Wars, adorable beeping droids, or maybe are just a fan of science fiction and want something fun to do over winter break that allows you to remain cozy in doors, this might be a game to try.

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