Sep 15, 2011

Pretty of the week: Another Lovely Infanta Dress + Some Updates

I took yet another unintended break. Real life has been a bit intrusive again and the after-effects of the con hint me pretty hard, though I did try my best to have a reasonable amount of sleep. For the most part I've been so busy crafting for AWA - when not working or sleeping - that I've not had time for much else. Writing OR reading.

Dragoncon was amazing, as it always is. Though I didn't attend all of the lolita events I'd wanted due to scheduling and the lunch being held at a restaurant where I couldn't eat, I still had a lot of fun. I got to help a friend try lolita for the first time, collected a five page list of books to try (and likely review) at the YA panels, attended the Doctor Who screening, finished stage one of the unicorn dress in the sewing circle and ended up getting to swap embroidery tips with other girls and just had a lot of fun in general. I also saw a lot of awesome cosplay, though I was bad about taking pictures. I will be posting a few of the ones I did get, however. Including a pair dressed as Momoko and Ichigo from Kamikaze Girls that were simply amazing. Though I freely admit that I go to spend time with friends more than anything else.

These friends! (And many others!)

Since returning I've not been checking for new dresses the way I normally do, but I'm now more or less on scheduel with crafting. While it doesn't mean I get to slow down much, it at least means I can take breaks for important things like writing a post and looking at new frilly dresses.

I decided to show off this dress from Infanta. Partially because my other picks were ones likely already seen - partially because it's just too adorable. It comes in blue (above) and green (below) which are equally lovely. I just adore the lace up middle, as it's a bit different from most dresses and seems like it would be flattering on just about anyone. I'm planning a birthday road trip in the next few months with the friend who just tried lolita for the first time and this would be the perfect dress to wear to our special frilly lunch.

If only I could decide which color...

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