Sep 28, 2011

Madame Alexander - I want dolls.

When I was little and I would spend time at my Memaw's house I loved looking at her dolls. She had a large collection of beautiful porcelain dolls. On a few occasions I was even allowed to hold them. They felt so very precious when I'd hold them or examine them. Each one was a delicate piece of art and so very special and unique.

When I got older I received dolls of my own. Not toys to play with, but art to cherish. It's been a long while since I've bought a new doll. Partially due to a lack of display space, limited funds and the closure of the company I loved collecting from. I've since considered starting to collect them once again,and purchase "Bunny" the Angelic Pretty mini Dal. Who I couldn't leave with the name Lepupu. While I adore her and her adorable tiny mittens and do have two or three Pullip dolls on my wish list, they don't have the same feel as my older dolls. Pullips seem to me to be dolls to be, not played with but not left alone to look at either. They want to have changes of clothes and customized hair styles and little set ups for photos. While that is fun and certainly has appeal, I miss getting a doll that feels complete and perfect as is.

Around the same time that I was considering simply settle my collecting to vintage ponies, I saw that a store I'd been meaning to see was having a closing sale. The store is housed in an adorable pink house and went by the name Pink Princess. The font rooms were nice, filled with bows and girl's dresses and tea sets - both for play and the real deal.  Then I went towards the back and was suddenly surrounded by dolls that made me squeal in delight. Though they weren't much bigger than Bunny, they were possibly the most charming I'd seen in a long while. What's more, many were drawn from bookish inspiration - from Dr Seuss to Fancy Nancy to classics like Little Women and Charlotte's Web. I just had to share a few of my favorites.

 One Fish Two Fish!
 The Poky Little Puppy!
 Charlotte's Web! I would not say no to a full sized version of that dress.
 Fancy Nancy! The most loli children's book ever.
 Humpty Dumpty!
Pinkalicious! One of the first books I reviewed.
 Dorothy with an adorable flower border on her dress!
 An Easter doll with tiny yellow shoes.
And a cute candy shop doll.
Starlight Starbright all the pastel stars I see tonight...

I absolutely can't make up my mind of which to get first, they're all so sweet and adorable! Which would you pick?

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