Sep 1, 2011

Books TV Shows for Lolitas: Doctor Who

I've been down with the oddest stomache flu in history while trying desperately to finish my dress. In an hour I'll be jetting off to D*Con with a... nearly finished dress. But it occurred to me I'd missed posting this week (please forgive me, I was delirious with fever and it might have been entertaining but wouldn't have made sense) so I'll do a special geeky post before con.

This is a show I'd heard a LOT about without knowing anything about what it was about until Matt sat me down and insisted we watch it together. And I've loved it from then on.

Yes please.

The basic idea is that an alien (who regenerates into a new body when he dies) goes around in a time traveling space ship (the Time And Relative Dimension In Space - TARDIS) that is camouflaged as a police box. He occasionally pics up companions to share his adventures with, but sometimes has adventures on his own. And he is oh so clever. And also bow ties are cool and statues are the scariest things to ever exist.

Oh god! We're all gonna die!

Why is this such a great show? Well first of all it goes forever. Unlike some amazing shows (Firefly?) it isn't going to leave you hanging after a single season. We started watching at the new episodes, and after over a week long marathon went back and started watching the classic episodes. And that's not counting the off shoot shows. The show has been around a while so it's got a lot to give. Secondly, the Doctor himself is a great character with loads of depth. And, with the swap of leads you can't get tired of one character. The stories are also fantastic. They seem seperate, but at least with the new episodes are very intertwined. This makes rewatching even better than the original veiwing.

If you're interested in fashion, fear not! Remember the time travel I mentioned? There are episodes with some great clothes!

If all that isn't enough to convince you to pull it up on Netflix Instant, I'll also point out one more thing.

Doctor Whooves. My Little Time Lord.


  1. Ahh, I love this TV series. Have fun at the con!!

  2. I had a similar experience. I'd heard about it so much and was even at Comic Con when they were announcing /spreading the word about the 11th Doctor, but beyond that never really crossed paths with the show.

    This summer I visited some friends in another state, who sat me down to start watching the 9th Doctor. Besides him I've only seen the 10th, but I AM HOOKED. I love it. ;D

    And LOL at Doctor Whooves. XD

  3. @Abigail Is it not the most amazing show?!

    @DuskRose The 11th is pretty great too, though he took me a while to get used to. But the 10th is my favorite. And I'm glad you like Dr. Whooves. :D