Nov 10, 2011

Loliprompt: Lolita Horror Stories

Another Loliprompt post this week as I get my feet back under me. 

Today, recall a moment revolving around Lolita that sticks out in your mind as horrible, embarrassing, or otherwise facepalm-inducing.  

Did someone puke on your JSK? Did your lacey blouse get thrown in the washer by accident? Were you singled out as an example of how NOT to do Lolita, or snubbed by other Lolitas?

 Hello Kitty Ghost = way too cute!

I tend to have more good than bad responses and experiences while in lolita. But I do have a handful of horror tales.

There's the fairly typical story of a milanoo dress (I was very new to the fashion and didn't know any better) falling apart while wearing it. Horrifying for sure, but it didn't happen when I was with anyone I knew so in the end I count it as a valuable learning experience.

There are certainly outfits I look back on with horror, but the group I've been involved with is incredibly nice and no one made an issue with it. Even though I'm certain no uglier blouse has ever existed. In the history of the world. But it's still more of an internal cringe than anything.

The most memorable isn't so much a horror story, but was a really awkward moment. It was last year's International Loli Day and I was meeting up for a pizza/tea/movie night with a friend to celebrate. But said friend was a fair distance and in the town my mother lives in. So I go a few hours early to take Mom to the craft show in town. In my favorite dress, because it's loli day and I didn't fancy changing in a public bathroom and figured Mom could handle loli-me for a day. (She's not crazy about the fashion.)
I didn't know it at the time, but the center that hosted the craft show was also hosting Disney on Ice. Which meant loads of little girls were wandering the craft fair before or after seeing the show. Several times I was asked if I was a princess and because I love making kids smile I always answered yes. It had happened a few times when I notice the last girl to ask was following me. Without a parent in site. In a really crowded craft fair where I'd been running back and forth as shiny things distracted me.
While I did get her back to her mom, I was terrified the whole time that I'd unknowingly kidnapped a poor little girl by pretending to be a princess.

Another time I was aproached while at the store buying cat litter by a woman who said her daughter wanted me to know I was very lucky. My brilliant reply: 'Oh, does she want a cat?'
Turns out it was the pink wig that made me lucky. Not the cat litter.

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