Aug 4, 2011

Pretty of the Week: Seriously Creepy Clowns

I don't know if I love this or if it will haunt my nightmares. My first reaction was that I loved the dress. Then I looked at the close up of the print shown above and... why? Why make creepy clowns a thing?

Later on I saw it again and it started to remind me of the dark/dead moon circus. I started liking it after that, but it still creeps me out.

What are everyone else's thoughts on this new print?


  1. I love it. Clowns weird me out, but since these don't have faces, and the one that would probably freak me out the most if they did have faces is turned away [the puffy pants one].
    I think it's a classy way to display them, and I really like the woman and the little one being lifted by balloons.

  2. I find clowns freaky, but these seem very tasteful and artistic. So I'm going to say I like it. ^_^ Would I wear it? Probably not.