Mar 22, 2012

Pretty of the Week: Art Nouveau Lolita

Art Nouveau is such a lovely, intricate style that it seems it really should have seen a handful of mixes with lolita fashion before now. Surface Spell came out with this darling dress a while back with art nouveau prints along the skirt, and personally, I think it's perfect.

The prints remind me slightly of Juliette et Justine's classic art prints, though they are confined only to portions of the skirt rather than covering the entirety of the fabric. Even so, they have such elegance to them. The frames, the flowers, the drape of fabric.

I managed to order one of these lovely pieces in the green colorway a few days ago. While it will take a bit of effort to find or make the right accessories to put a coordinate together, I've very excited to be getting this dress.



  1. Wow, that dress is GORGEOUS O_o I definitely need to check out Surface Spell, I wonder if they offer it in black...I can't believe how much I love this! Thank you for sharing!

  2. These two dresses are beautiful, i especially like the pink one. can I ask where can I get this?